Tuesday 18 October 2016

Star Monsters Series 2 - Review

Before we had the opportunity to review, I was aware of Star Monsters toys as I'd seen them over social media and in supermarkets but I wasn't 100% sure on what exactly they were.

If you are new to Star Monsters, they are quirky little collectable monster toys. Each monster is formed from a triangular star that has fallen to earth and there are so many Essential, Evolved, Rare and Ultra Rare types to collect. In Series 1 there were 72 different monsters and Series 2 saw 72 more be added. Each Star Monster comes in a different size, shape and personality and they take on the characteristics of where they live so you can get plant, water, air and stone varieties.

C has never had any Star Monsters before so he received a little pack to get him well on his way. We received:

  • Two Star Monsters Mini Capsules (RRP £2.00 each) each of which contain two Star Monster figures, two mini capsules, two mini cards and two stickers.
  • Star Monsters Blind Bag (RRP £1.00) which contains two Star Monsters and two stickers.
  • Star Monsters Giant Capsule (RRP £3.00) which contains two Star Monsters - an Essential White and rare Evolution monster.
  • Series 2 Starter Pack (RRP £4.00) which contains a guide book explaining all the features, games and characters as well as six Star Monsters, six stickers and a collector poster
This was more than enough to introduce C to the Star Monsters world. As much I wanted him to have a read through the guide book first, he was dying to open his monsters out. After the excitement of getting all his figures, he realised that they came with stickers. C loves stickers so I showed him where to put them in his guide book and explained that we'd have to buy more Star Monsters to collect the rest of the stickers for his book so now everytime we go shopping he'll ask me to buy more to complete his collection. Beside each monster there is information about that type too.

I tried explaining the different games that you could play in the arena - Duel, Capsule and Race - but he's only just turned four so I think it went over his head a little bit and he much preferred actually playing with the figures. The value of each monster is on the base of the figure and depending on the game you are playing, you battle them in different ways to see who comes out on top. At 4, C is probably at the lower edge of the age bracket so an older child would enjoy the game aspect more but C still loves them as a whole.

We both especially love the Mini Capsules as they are little fold flat "shelves" so you can connect and stack your monsters for display or for use in games. C has his on display permanently to show them off. 


We think Star Monsters are really interesting and different. The prices are fantastic which makes them the perfect pocket money toy. C loves picking up some blind bags with his pennies when we are out shopping.

You can find out more about the universe at the Star Monsters website or you can give them a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

(We received these items for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)
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