Thursday 1 December 2016

What I've Won: November 2016

Woohoo, it's December which mean Advents start today. If you are unfamiliar with advent competitions, a lot of companies run a competition a day either for 12 or 24 days in December. It can be very full on and there are tons of competitions around. I'll be using the Competition Database Advent list this year - why not give it a try?!

For now though, here's a look at what I won in November.

1) Thermo mug from Peachy Loans
I don't have a photo but it is a branded mug that I won in their Halloween giveaway as a runner up prize! It's handy for Chris to take to work.
2) Frozen wand (RRP £12.99) from Personalised Santa Letters
 I am so chuffed with this. E is obsessed with Frozen so I've put it away for Christmas.
3) Playbrush (RRP £26.99) from Arepops
C really dislikes having his teeth brushed so I was excited to win this. I'm hoping it distracts him and makes it more fun.
4) Finding Nemo plush (RRP £8.99) from NowTV
The kids love Finding Nemo and Finding Dory so this is a huge hit. E especially loves it as she's a sucker for a cuddly toy.
5) Star Wars Funko Pop (RRP £9.99) from Underground Toys
Chris is a big Star Wars fan and we started collecting Pops about a year ago so this is perfect for him!

6) MSM powder (RRP £7.96) from Kiki Health
This was a really low entry Twitter comp and I actually entered for my dad. He's really into all this kind of stuff - he swears by coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. He has told me it's working wonders.

7) The Italian Baker cookbook (RRP £20.99) from Cakes and Sugarcraft
I love a good cookbook and these recipes look amazing! I can't wait to try them out.

8) Kilner money jar (RRP £15.00) from dotty_and_bear
I love love love upcyling Kilner jars and I opted for a pink one with white hearts. I'm thinking that it would be a lovely money jar for E's room.

9) A year's supply of chocolate (RRP £365.00) from Chocolate and Love
This is a pretty amazing one! Chris and I are both chocoholics so I am so excited to receive this. I've never actually tried the brand before but they look so good.

10) Nuby bundle (RRP £25.95) from Mummy of Two
I love the Nuby brand and I will be keep half for E and sending the younger stuff to Jenna for her baby girl when she arrives.

11) Bracelet (RRP £149.00) from Tresor Paris
Amazing! I won this on the Tresor Paris instant win game on Facebook. Keep an eye out on their page as they are always running them.

12) £10 spend at sausageandmissus
This was a little Instagram win. Sausage and Missus sell pom pom garlands and I think I will choose a nice pink one for E's room.
13) Avengers pyjamas and advent calendar (RRP £14.95) from Character
C adores the Avengers so this is just the perfect prize for him. He can't wait to open his advent calendar and he already asks to wear the pyjamas every night.

14) Thorntons advent calendar (RRP £12.50) from Tiaras and Wellyboots
Yum - more chocolate! I can't remember the last time I had an advent calendar for myself.

15) 10 Christmas cards (RRP £25.00) from Coulson Macleod
I love handy wins! I don't send a lot of Christmas cards so I probably won't have to buy any now - woohoo!

So this month I won 15 prizes worth £705.31 and because I love a comparison, in November 2015 it was 22 prizes worth £403.37 and 14 prizes worth £227.50 in November 2014.

Did you win anything nice last month? Will you be joining in with the advents in December? 
3 comments on "What I've Won: November 2016"
  1. Well done on your wins ! I've had a few nice things in November. I'm slowly working through the advents there's so many this year.

  2. What a lovely selection of prizes! Especially the chocolate! Good luck for the advents!

  3. You're inspiring me to get comping again!