Saturday 28 October 2017

Zoomer Show Pony - Review

My children watch a bit of kids TV early in the morning when eating breakfast. This means that, because of this time of year, we see a lot of toy advertisments in the run up to Christmas. For every single toy they see, I'll hear an echo of "I want it! I want it!" and I'm sure I'm not the only parent who is experiencing this right now. 

One of the toys that my children were adamant that they wanted was the Zoomer Show Pony. I imagine that it will be on a lot of children's Christmas lists this year but with a current retail price of around £60, you want to make sure that it's worth it before you spend your money. We have been having a little play with the Zoomer Show Pony and I definitely say that it is worth the price tag.

Inside the box, you receive:
  • Interactive Pony
  • Hairbrush
  • Sugar cube
  • Carrot
  • Apple
  • Instruction manual
  • Cheat sheet
Pony Mode
The Zoomer Pony will be automatically in pony mode as soon as it is switched on. If you pet the pony's cheek, it will turn its head to the side that you are petting and if you continue to pet it, the LED lights in its eyes will show a heart shape. Petting its nose causes the pony to move its head from side to side and nudge forward. If you pet both cheeks together it will neigh "I love you". 

You can also interact using the apple accessory. If you hold the apple to the pony's mouth, it will eat and you'll see the LED eyes change from hungry to full. This is something the C and E always want to do, I think they are so worried that their poor pony is going to starve! You can always check hunger level at any point by feeding it and it does come with a sheet of all the different eye meanings.

Grooming Mode 
Grooming mode can be entered into by either petting both cheeks for a few seconds or using the hairbrush accessory, you do need to brush right from the very top of the mane for the pony to recognise the hairbrush. This is E's favourite thing to do with the pony. I've written numerous times about how much she loves brushing hair and doing hairstyles so it came as no surprise to me.

Sugar Cube Play 
Feeding the pony a sugar cube makes it happy. If you do it three times in a row in quick succession, it performs a sugardance. If you do six times, it goes hyper and wheels around everywhere just generally going mad. This modes makes the children laugh to no end and they love having a little boogie with her as she's doing her sugardance.

By pressing the heart on the chest of the pony, it will stop what it's doing. If you press again it will perform a trick at random. This can either be:
  • Dance (five different ones are available and the more you play with your pony, the more it will unlock)
  • Sing
  • Figure 8
  • Prance and wiggle
  • Backwards trot
  • Spin right
  • Spin left
  • Do it's Showtime Routine
C gets so excited watching his pony do a trick and when we unlocked a new dance for the first time, he shouted "Look at her go! That's my girl!" It was adorable.

Training Mode 
You can enter training mode by holding the carrot accessory to your pony's mouth. From there you can teach it to spin right or left. When you've done that enough times, you can teach it to count to five by touching its cheek, it will repeat the same number by pumping its hoof. You can also teach music, prance wiggle and backwards trot tricks. If you wave your hand in front of the pony's chest, it will follow it and clip clop along.

Showtime Mode 
Holding the carrot to the pony's mouth for around 3 seconds enters showtime mode. In this mode you can teach it a combination of moves and it will perform them. It can remember up to five moves and each input such as petting a cheek or nose a certain way is a different move.

We have owned the Zoomer Pony for two weeks now and we are still currently sussing out training and showtime mode as there is just so much that the pony can do. The children love that as it's interactive, it's responding to what they are telling it to do. It acknowledges every input and accessory and we have had no problems thus far. I honestly don't think I'd change a thing!

C and E have totally fallen in love and I know it will get played with a lot over the years. The Zoomer Pony is recommended for children aged 5+ and requires 4 AA batteries which aren't included so if you're purchasing for Christmas, be sure to have some in!

You can purchase the Zoomer Show Pony from all good retailers. It has an RRP of £84.99 but, at the time of publication, can be found at Smyths Toys for £59.99.

(We received this toy for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.) 
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  1. Ohh! I haven't seen this before. I don't think my youngest has either. It is something she would have talked about. It looks fantastic x