Tuesday 8 May 2018

Finding a Bargain Summer Wardrobe with LatestDeals

I love a good bargain. If you have been a long time reader of Mum of a Premature Baby, you'll know that my biggest hobby is entering competitions. It's great way to win some nice things that either save you money or luxuries that you probably wouldn't ever treat yourself to. With Chris having a steady income with his job and me only being freelance (so my income can vary massively), I try my best to find bargains and save money where we can. I will always shop around and do online searches to see where I can get things cheaper or try and use voucher codes when I do buy something.

Ever since I became a parent, I fell in love with children's clothing. I love browsing in stores and can't resist picking something up for at least one of the kids every time we go out. Shopping for myself, on the other hand, is completely different. I feel so guilty even thinking about buying clothing for myself because I imagine all the cute and lovely things I could buy for C and E. I think I still wear clothes that I had from before they were born! With summer on the horizon, I'm quickly realising that I can't continue to wear the chunky knit sweaters and abundance of black clothing when the sunshine is out so I have been on the hunt for pretty but affordable summer dresses.

LatestDeals have been a godsend! They have a section specifically for cheap dresses where they compile and link through to retailers who have offers on. As a parent to two young children, I don't really have the time to browse through 20 different sites, then categories just to find something that I might possibly be interested in. LatestDeals pull up the image of the item, price and website that it can be found at all in a matter of seconds. A dream come true for a busy mum like me! You can even sort it by the most recent deals that have been added or the most popular ones. 

I was definitely surprised by some of the prices being shown to me for such beautiful dresses at reputable retailers, it isn't cheap tat. Even as a self-confessed bargain hunter, I don't think I could have found such great deals on my own. I think I'll have a dress for every occasion at this rate! Although they are bargains, I'll probably end up spending more because the deals are too good to pass up - oops! It doesn't count if it's on sale, right?

Are you a bargain hunter too? Share your tips with me!

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