Friday 4 May 2018

Getting the Garden Ready for Summer

If you've looked outside recently, you'd be forgiven for thinking that we're in the middle of winter but really, it won't be long before schools have broken up, we (hopefully) have better weather and can spend our time outdoors during the summer. 

We unfortunately don't have a garden but I'm currently helping my mum do hers up so we can spend most of the summer there. She has a great space so there is lots of potential. Although there is a conservatory protruding out into the garden, there is still a patio space and grass area. 

Maximising space
For as long as I can remember, there have been huge trees at the bottom of the garden. Over the years they have become overgrown and unsightly so one thing we have done is completely cut them down. Once they are cleared away, we will have lots more space to work with, only needing a little bit of help to get some grass growing in their place or maybe having flower beds to add a bit of colour. 

Deciding on grass
One decision that has yet to be made, is whether to keep the natural grass which will need maintained a lot or go for an artificial option. 

Artificial grass is becoming really popular these days and doesn't look cheap and plastic - it can look quite natural! It's also perfect because the change in weather where we live won't affect it like it would natural grass. It will keep its gorgeous green colour. 

The best thing about having a garden in the summer is the entertaining so the first thing on the list is getting a barbecue. In past years we would have opted for disposable barbecues when the notion took our fancy but of course, having a permanent barbecue feature is worth investing in and is a lot better because you can't recycle the disposables.

Seating area
You can't play host and entertain without having a place for everyone to sit. I am loving teak garden furniture at the moment. It is a beautiful light shade which is perfect for sunny outdoor days. I do think that any darker shades of wood take away from that summery feel. It can be quite lightweight too so easy to fold up and store if we do get showers! 

A place for children
Of course, my five and three year olds will be enjoying playing in the outdoor space so while we will have the furniture set and barbecue, there needs to be enough to keep them entertained too. 

We have opted to buy bits like football nets, golf and rounders sets but also on our list are a new swing and slide set, a swimming pool for those hopefully hot days and we already have an abundance of ride ons. 

We have been speaking to a landscape gardener that we came across, James from PumaLandscaping about designing it and I hope that by the end of it all, it will be a sanctuary that everyone would enjoy spending time in. 

What things do you do to help get your garden 'summer ready'? 
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