Thursday 17 May 2018

Name Labels & End of Year Teacher Gifts from Stickerscape

This year is a big year for both of my children. My eldest child, C, will be finishing his first year (Primary 1) of "big school" in June, then my youngest, E, will be starting nursery at the school in September. These occasions require two necessities - an end of year gift for C's teacher and some name labels for E's clothing and belongings. Stickerscape came to my rescue.

I have been a fan of Stickerscape for quite a while now and C even had a personalised Makka Pakka wall sticker from them in his bedroom when he was a tot. I was so excited to see them keep up with the unicorn trend and introduce unicorn themed wall stickers, window stickers and name labels. The name labels had to be first choice for E starting nursery. She is obsessed with unicorns, has an abundance of unicorn toys and even socks and t-shirts with glittery ones emblazoned on them.

The unicorn name labels come in either iron on or stick on style and we received both to try out. Both of the sets have bright yellow, purple, pink, green and blue background colours. I opted for medium size for the stick on ones and beside the name you have a little unicorn themed motif, whether it be a an actual unicorn, rainbow or even a fairy castle. The mini ones that I chose for the iron on labels are a little smaller with the full name across one line (as opposed to two with the medium size) and a cute motif such as hearts, flowers or stars at the side. E loved pointing out each one and telling what they were. She couldn't wait to get them on her clothes and bag!

The stick on ones are really simple to apply, literally peel it off, ensure you are sticking it on a clean, dry surface and hey presto! We've had ours on E's schoolbag for around a week now and it's still well attached. I will be sticking them to her lunchbag and juice cup before she starts too.

The iron on ones were just as easy to attach into her little leggings. Like the stickers, these peel off too but are a little harder to remove, you place it where you want to iron it in (I went for the label) and place the iron sheet over the top - this comes with the iron on set. I put the iron over it for a matter of seconds and it was firmly stuck down - simple! Watch my video below to see it in real time.

I am the type of person who would probably prefer either a stick on label, which aren't great when it comes to clothing as they'll come off after a wash, or a good old fashioned permanent marker because I thought the iron on ones were a bit of a faff. This is totally not the case and I've been converted. They attach in seconds and are much prettier and more recognisable for E who can't yet read so she'll be able to tell which items are hers.

As well as stickers and labels, Stickerscape also have a fantastic range of teacher gifts. I really struggle with what to buy for teachers as I'm sure they have a plethora of "Best Teacher" mugs and I strive to buy something a little bit different, that they maybe wouldn't receive from anyone else. Stickerscape stock gift ideas such as bottle bags, pencil cases and notebooks - some with nice quotes and others can be personalised. 

I opted for a lovely canvas tote bag with "Essential Teacher Stuff" printed on it and "*may contain biscuits" at the bottom. I shied away from a personalised item because I know C's teacher is getting married during the summer so getting her current maiden name on a item wouldn't be worthwhile as she'd get no use out of it, and it would be a bit strange to get her something with her soon-to-be married name.

The bag comes in lots of different colours but I played it safe with a monochrome option. It measures 30 x 30 x 19cm so is relatively spacious. I love that it's a practical item that I hope she will get a lot of use out of rather than just sitting around getting looked at. The handles seem very sturdy so great for carrying lots of books and folders.

All these items are available to buy from the Stickerscape website. The name labels retail from between £7.95 to £16.00, depending on the type and amount of labels you need and the Canvas Tote Bag is £11.95. You can keep up to date with Stickerscape on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

(I received these items for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)
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