Monday 10 June 2019

Pop Pops Snotz - Review

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Slime is the 'in thing' right now and it is a craze that has not passed my children by. I don't get the hype but they love it and I love them so I put up with it, even if it does mean I'm constantly on edge and repeating "Watch you don't get it on your clothes!" I've also written about collectable toys on the blog a lot. Both C and E like these types of toys and seeing if they can get the whole collection.

Pop Pops Snotz combines both slime and collectables which means its a double win in my children's eyes. We received a little influencer box a couple of weeks ago to see what they were all about.

The name "Snotz" to me obviously makes me think of snot, but in reality the little pouches - if that's the right word! - remind me of spots or pimples. When you pop them, you will find either yellow or green slime inside and some will have a small collectable toy. It's kind of like a different take on a blind bag but a two parter because you get slime in all of them plus a nice little surprise of a toy in some.

Both children found it a bit hard to pop them at the beginning and really had to put some welly into it, C had a few angry moments and I had to help him with quite a lot of them. You need to position your fingers a certain way to burst the plastic.

Like many toy ranges, the sets come in different sizes to suit all budgets. The 6 pack Starter Packs are £4.99 and 12 pack Deluxe Packs are £7.99. Each pack has a character sheet so you can check out the name of the Snotz that you find and whether they are common, rare or limited edition. The names are all very funny and had the kids in stitches.

We like these toys a lot because even though you'd think the fun element would quickly disappear once all of them had been popped, the kids liked mixing all the slime up, hiding their characters inside and creating new games.

Pop Pops Snotz Series 1 are available now from all good retailers such as Smyths and The Entertainer. You can see C and E playing more at my Instagram Highlight.

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