Thursday 27 June 2019

My Love of Music & Encouraging My Children's Tastes

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Music has always been such a big part of my life and I never quite understand when people say that they don't really listen to music.

My music tastes were mostly influenced by my parents when I was a child. I credit them for my love of 80s music such as Adam and the Ants, The Smiths and Prefab Sprout - to name a few! When I hit my teenage years, that's when I really begun my love affair with music. 

I started listening to more "alternative" stuff (mostly emo, if I'm honest. I'm a die hard Panic! at the Disco fan and finally got to see Brendon Urie in the flesh this year after 14 years of waiting!), dyed my hair every colour under the sun, became involved with a group of friends who all listened to the same genres and enjoyed going to gigs. One of the first things that Chris (my partner of almost 10 years) and I did when we first met was buy tickets to go and see Dropkick Murphys together. Seeing bands is something that we love to do.

Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco, Pray for the Wicked Tour - SSE Hydro, Glasgow, March 2019
  Back then, I was very set in my ways and would only listen to that type of music but now as I get older and have children, I'm much more open. I like to expose them to music and hope that they develop the same love. Before we've even got into the car for the school runs in the morning, I'm already wondering what radio station we'll put on or whether we'll just link up a Spotify playlist on our phones. If I'm out walking without the children too, you will be sure to find me with my earphones firmly in, listening to a Spotify Daily Mix!

Trusty red earphones, probably listening to twenty one pilots
  My son, C, would listen to Five Nights At Freddys songs on YouTube 'til the cows came home but my four year old daughter E is a little obsessed with George Ezra and will always be singing 'Paradise' or 'Shotgun'!

In order to encourage the children to develop their music tastes, I've switched from having the TV idly on in the background to having a different station on the DAB radio, letting the music drift through the house. Honestly, C isn't bothered so much but E loves a boogie and is very into current pop music like Ava Max or Taylor Swift (and to let you in on a secret, I think I'm becoming a Swiftie too but don't tell 15 year old me that!).

Are your children into music? What do they like to listen to the most?
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