Tuesday 27 August 2019

Awesome Bloss'ems - Review

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We love blind bags and any toy that incorporates that but adds a more exciting element is a winner. Enter: Awesome Bloss'ems from Spinmaster.

Awesome Bloss'ems are flowerpot toys that you "plant" and feed to grow your own doll. We received two to try out and E couldn't wait to see how they worked.

Once you've unwrapped and lifted the dome off the top, you'll find a piece of thin cardboard with some decorations that you'll need for later and an instructional manual that you are advised to read before you start.

Inside the flowerpot, you'll see a large "seed". You will need to remove the insert and pull the tab in order for it to work. Once you've done that and popped it back in the pot, take the bag of sparkly play soil (from the dome that you removed from the top) and pour it all around the seed. E loved this part - mostly because it was sparkly and fluffy! 

Also inside the dome, you will see a plastic leaf. With this you scoop spoonfuls leaf-fuls of water (we had a plastic cup next to us to take the water from) on top of the soil. As if by magic, your doll will then grow!

E absolutely loved the little mini dolls that grew from her pots and she loved that they were scented. There are 25 to collect, each of them belonging to a group: So Wild, Sweet Chic, Posh Floral, Fierce Petals and Fashion Buzz. They don't have names, leaving your child with complete freedom. E decided hers were Sugar and Sally, even creating a backstory. Sally is shy and reserved whereas Sugar is diva-esque.

Once you've grown your doll, you can use the dome as a little playset. The cardboard pieces slot in easily for decoration and the leaf acts as a hammock. You can even put the lid on the dome in order to display it on a shelf and also keep all the pieces together. 

As if that wasn't enough, there is an Augmented Reality Awesome Bloss'ems app so you can have some digital fun too. If you give the app camera permission you will be able to plant seeds around your home and keep track of the real dolls you've grown from your Awesome Bloss'ems in there too. 

The Awesome Bloss'ems toys retail at £7.99 and are available from Smyths and all good toy retailers.
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