Sunday 25 August 2019

Candylocks Dolls - Review

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Who's in there with the cotton candy hair?

E was very excited to get her hands on some of the new Candylocks range from Spinmaster. 

Within the Candylocks range you have 23 different dolls that you can collect. These can either be in the form of large 7-inch dolls, mini dolls and a twin pack of BFF dolls. We received one large doll and one mini doll.

Each of the Candylocks dolls have a different look and scent - all very sweet! Our larger doll was Straw Mary who, you guessed it, was themed around strawberries and the hair does have a faint strawberry scent. She comes with three accessories - a hair extension, a strawberry hair clip and some hair chalk.

This doll is not like anything I've seen before with regards to its hair. The texture and length makes it very easy for younger children to experiment with. E will be turning 5 in a couple of weeks and I feel like she is the perfect age for it. She loves Rapunzel so she instantly adored her Rapunzel-like hair.

E wouldn't be confident when doing hairstyles on her other dolls but the Candylocks hair stays in place without the need for hair bobbles - the shape means that it doesn't come apart. E's favourite thing to do was colour the hair with the help of the hair chalk. She liked seeing the change in colour once applying.

Straw Mary's dress and shoes can be removed so if you end up getting the other larger doll, Lacey Lemonade, they can be swapped.  

The mini dolls are exciting because you can't actually see who you are going to get, your only clue is the hair colours. 

Upon opening, you unwrap the hair to reveal your Candylocks doll. Inside you'll find a collector's guide (you get one of these with the larger dolls too) so you can find out the name of your new doll. We got Kelly Bean.

Similarly to the larger dolls, you receive some six hair accessories but these come in the form of a blind bag - our favourite! These are two hair pins, a hair twirler and three hair gems.

These dolls have a whopping 38cm of hair and it looks a lot compared to their bodies. It is the exact same as the larger dolls so again, you can have fun experimenting with their hair.

Candylocks are a lot of fun and not like any dolls I've seen before. The hair can tend to shed a little, but not so much that you'd notice your doll going bald!

The Candylocks dolls retail at £19.99 for the large 7-inch dolls, £9.99 for the mini dolls and £17.99 for the BFF twin pack. You can find them at Smyths and all good toy retailers. 

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