Tuesday 10 September 2019

Feeling Confident About Starting School with Kindi Kids

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Starting school is such a big thing and an emotional time, not only for the parents sending their babies off, but for the child too as there can be a lot of things to worry about.

1 in 5 parents have lost sleep over their children starting nursery or school and 60% have even cried over it.

E is off to big school and it is a tough time for me because she is my last baby. I'll never do a first year of school again and it really hits that all my children are growing up. Although E can appear confident, I know she will shy away and be nervous in some situations. It's a whole new place and I wonder if she'll remember where the toilets are, if she will she be okay in the big hall having lunch with everyone else and if she will manage with changing for PE, amongst other things.

Moose Toys' Kindi Kids doll 'Marsha Mello' has been great for giving E a bit of confidence in the run up to beginning school life. Marsha is new and starting school as well and E instantly declared that she was her new best friend, telling her brother "She's going to P1 too, I think she's 4 or 5 and she's my best friend!" She has even been coming with us in the car on the school run for a wee cuddle.

The point of these toys are to encourage children with their independence and to get them used to doing new things. Starting school is a new adventure that your child is taking, a whole new world for them to discover all by themselves without mummy or daddy there.

There are a few toys in the Kindi Kids range, all of which bring nursery/school alive with friendship and play. As well as Marsha Mello, there are 3 other Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends dolls; Donatina, Jessicake and Peppa-Mint, which retail at £24.99 each. They are the most beautiful dolls with big, sparkling eyes and their heads even bobble!

E especially loves creating stories in settings that are familiar to her so things like playing mummy or pretending to be a doctor are her go-to's. Also in the Kindi Kids range you can get Kindi Fun Shopping Trolley (£14.99), Kindi Fun Refrigerator Pack (£19.99) and Kindi Fun Supermarket Pack (£29.99). This means that your little one can use their imaginations when going food shopping with their new BFF just like when they do the shopping with mummy and daddy.

There is so much fun to be had with the sets. Marsha Mellow can stand and support herself on the trolley whilst being pushed around the supermarket. She can also hold the food items, take a bite out of her cake pop and do her shopping by using the till, conveyor belt and scales.

E has absolutely loved getting familiar with Marsha Mellow and the rest of the sets. I think they are perfect for children aged around 3-5 who are starting in an unfamiliar place and will be encouraged to make new friends. The Kindi Kids range sparks a bit of confidence, encourages their imagination and, in E's case, brings a bit of humour (she thought it was hilarious that Marsha was putting her apple in the freezer of the supermarket).

You can find the Kindi Kids range at Smyths and all other good toy retailers. You can also keep up to date on their dedicated YouTube channel where they can watch episodes featuring their new dolls.

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