Friday 20 September 2019

Zuru Smashers Dino Epic Egg - Review

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C loved Zuru Smashers when the first series came out so he was beyond excited to see that the new addition to the range were dinosaur themed!

He was absolutely thrilled to get some goodies to test out - the Dino Epic Egg and two Dino 8 packs.

C was instantly drawn to the huge Dino Epic Egg and couldn't wait to see what was inside. Once you've taken the packaging off, you do as the name suggests and smash it! The "shell" will then come apart so you can take out the contents.

Inside we found an egg-shaped pouch filled with goodies, six Smashers dino eggs and a scratch map. The pouch contains Dino Dirt, Fizzy Lava, Glowing Slime, Fossil Rock, Ice Age putty as well as some tools.

This is where the scratch map comes in. You scratch the first panel to see what to open first, right up to panel 5. We started with the Dino Dirt. Inside the resealable pouch (very handy!) you have a type of kinetic sand with two dinosaur skull bones hidden inside so you have to dig through it.

Next up we did the Fizzy Lava. I was expecting this to react like a bath bomb so I filled a bowl of water and C happily dunked it in. They weren't lying when they call it lava - we thought it was going to overflow! It fizzed and bubbled up and the kids thought it was great! When the bubbles had subsided we found four dino feet bones.

The Glowing Slime was next and C was a bit grossed out by this. He doesn't really like the feel of slime! I dug through it for him and found yet more dino bones! We then are able to keep the slime to play with another time (well, E will!) in the resealable bag.

The Fossil Rock was probably C's favourite as he could get hammering away at the fossil. This one took quite a bit of time but he was determined to find whatever was hidden inside. Guess what? More dinosaur bones!

The Ice Age Putty was my favourite for sure. It, again, comes inside a resealable egg so can be played with again at a later date. It is very sticky and I loved the addition of the glitter. After finding our last bones, we could then refer to the instruction manual and get building our dinosaur skeleton using the eleven pieces that we discovered.

I am massively impressed with the Zuru Smashers Dino Epic Egg as it is packed full of fun activities and I know that any dino fan will love it. It is fab from a sensory point of view too as you have a lot of different textures to work with and it isn't just doing the same thing, like opening a blind bag, over and over again. For the price of £24.99 (currently £19.99 at the time of writing) it feels like such a bargain!

The Dino 8 Packs are reminiscent of the Smashers that we had a couple of years back. You get a collector's guide so you can see the name of the dinosaur that you hatch from your egg and you can also see if they are common or rare. We also were lucky enough to find some fossils that needed dug out too, adding a little bit of extra excitement!

Once you've smashed your egg, there is no need to throw the pieces out and have a lot of waste. The six pieces slot back together to create the egg shape again. This takes a little bit of practice though!

The kids love collecting these types of toy and use them after to create little scenarios together. The Dino 8 Packs are £7.99 each.

You can find the Zuru Smashers Dino range at Smyths Toys and if you head over to my Facebook page, I have a giveaway running for a £25 Smyths voucher so that you can buy some of your own! 

You can keep up to date with Zuru on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and Smyths on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too.

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