Thursday 14 November 2019

The Dream Pillow - Review

(AD/Gifted - We received this item for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

At the age of 5, E has a wonderful imagination which calls for fantastic stories and drawings. One downfall can be that at bedtime, it can run a bit wild and cause nightmares if she thinks of scary things.

The idea behind the Dream Pillow is to encourage your children to think of positive, happy things before bed to hopefully manifest them in their dreams. Children thrive on visuals so it wasn't enough to just think them, it is nice to have a physical object to cuddle up to as well.

The Dream Pillow comes in two different Dreamimals; Sharkie and Lamby, and I knew E would love the lamb so I opted for the latter.

Inside the box, which is beautiful itself and encourages creativity as you can colour it in and draw, you get a brief explanation about the Dream Pillow, a fortune teller (remember making those at school?!), a 60-sheet lined cloud shaped notepad and the pillow itself.

Upon opening, E became totally besotted with Lamby. She has been a little under the weather lately with a cold so she just wanted to cuddle up with it instantly. I discussed with her what the Dream Pillow was and how it worked and she had lots of ideas of what she wanted to dream about so she set to drawing them on a piece of the cloud shaped paper.

The pillow is shaped a bit like a hand muff so you pop your drawing inside and hopefully whatever you've drawn will appear in your dreams. She did wake the following morning saying she dreamt of " a million doggies kissing her" which was in fact one of her drawings so I'll take that as a win! The fortune teller comes in handy to give your child some ideas of what to draw because as the days go on, it might be a bit difficult for them to think of new things.

Lamby is so fluffy and soft, sort of like a teddy fleece material, so it's very easy to want to snuggle up with it. C has even asked for the Sharkie one so I'll definitely be buying him that one!

I think the Dream Pillow is such a wonderful idea, especially for little ones who are prone to nightmares and can be quite anxious at bedtimes.

You can watch the video below for a bit more infomation or visit fellow blogger Cassie (Lily's Little Learners) post here.

They retail at £22.94 each and can be purchased from the Dream Pillow website. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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