Thursday 29 October 2020

2020 Reading Challenge | Pizza Girl by Jean Kyong Frazier

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Pizza Girl by Jean Kyong Frazier - 4/5 

"Eighteen years old, pregnant and working as a pizza delivery girl, our dysfunctional heroine is deeply lost and in complete denial about it all. She's grieving the death of her father, avoiding her loving boyfriend, and flagrantly ignoring her future.

Her world is further upended when she becomes obsessed with Jenny, a stay-at-home mother new to the neighbourhood, who comes to depend on weekly deliveries of pickle-covered pizzas for her son's happiness.

As one woman looks toward motherhood and the other toward middle age, the relationship between the two begins to blur in strange, complicated, and untimely heartbreaking ways.

Bold, tender and unexpected, Pizza Girl is a moving and funny portrait of a flawed, unforgettable young woman as she tries to find her place in the world."

This book is weird and not like anything I've ever read before but I loved it! It's a relatively short book, only 12 chapters, not a lot actually happens but I just wanted to keep reading - the sign of a well written book!

Our unnamed protagonist "Pizza Girl" is 18 years old, pregnant and works at Eddie's Pizza Place. One Wednesday, she gets a call from a lady called Jenny Hauser who is desperate for a pepperoni and pickle pizza as it was her son's favourite from back home. They'd only just moved to Los Angeles and she wanted something familiar for him.

Even though it isn't on the menu, Pizza Girl buy pickles from the grocery store to have it made specially then delivers it to Jenny. Jenny places the same order every Wednesday. Pizza Girl then becomes obsessed and infatuated with Jenny.

I think I would classify this as a bildungsroman. We learn that Pizza Girl lives with her mother who originally came to the USA from Seoul, and her boyfriend (and father of her baby) Billy. Her father has passed away and although he was a drunk who she didn't have a great relationship with, it is obvious that his death has greatly affected her.

It shows the struggles that she is going through and I don't think she is a very likable character. It is odd for me to give as many as four stars to a book with an unlikable main character but this book has confused every part of me. I loved it.

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