Tuesday 20 October 2020

2020 Reading Challenge | The Vow by Debbie Howells

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The Vow by Debbie Howells - 4/5 

"Two weeks before her wedding, a stranger stops Amy in the street and warns her she's in danger. Then that night, Matt, her fiance, doesn't come home. Desperate, Amy calls the police - but when Matt fails to emerge, she's forced to call off her wedding day.

Then another man is reported missing, by a woman called Fiona - a man meeting Matt's description, who was about to leave his fiancee for her. He was supposed to be moving in with her - but instead, he's vanished.

Amy refuses to believe Fiona's lover can be her Matt - but photos prove otherwise, and it soon becomes clear that Matt has been leading a double life. As the police dig deeper, two conflicting, yet equally plausible stories emerge from two women who allegedly have never met.

The wedding day never happened. But the funeral might."

What a great read!

Amy is getting married to Matt. She has an 18 year old daughter called Jess from a previous relationship and feels like she is given a second chance at love when she meets Matt.

Amy is a herbalist and creates remedies from plants that she has grown in her garden. This is an integral part of the story. Whilst delivering an order, an old lady randomly approaches Amy and tells her not to trust Matt and that she is in danger. Amy thinks nothing of it. That night, Matt disappears and she reports it to the police.

Another woman named Fiona then reports her boyfriend as missing. It turns out to also be Matt and she claims that he was about to leave Amy for her. He had been leading a double life. But is Matt the only connection that the two ladies have?

The story is told from the narratives of Amy, Fiona and Jess. We learn that Jess has never liked Matt but said nothing because she thought that her mother seemed happy.

We also have flashbacks of an tragic event that happened back in 1996 between a Kimberley and Charlie. In true thriller fashion, everything unravels and makes sense as you read on. It had me totally gripped! 

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