Wednesday 28 October 2020

Keeping the Kids Healthy Over Half Term with Bioglan SmartKids

[AD/Gifted - We received this package for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

Halloween is creeping up on us and the lovely team at Bioglan very kindly sent C and E a spooky personalised gift box this half term.

I do worry a lot about my children's health. My daughter especially seems to catch everything that is going round and when it comes to nutrition, their eating habits can be quite rigid so I always want to make sure that they are getting a) the right nutrients and b) enough of them.

C and E were so excited to see essentially a massive present addressed directly to them - a lovely touch - and inside they found some fantastic goodies!

  • A pencil case each
  • A set of Baker Ross Halloween house crafts kits each
  • Personalised Halloween treat bags
  • Bioglan SmartKids Iron gummies
  • Bioglan SmartKids Happy Tummies gummies

C and E were absolutely delighted with the craft kits and Halloween treat bags especially. They couldn't wait to get making their Halloween houses and have them sitting on the sideboard as Halloween decorations.

I absolutely love the personalised treat bags as they are such a kind and thoughtful gift. They will definitely be kept for the children to use every year.

They have been having a gummy each every day, we alternate which one they take each day and both of them say that due to the strawberry flavour, they taste just like sweeties. 

The Happy Tummies gummies were the first kids probiotic gummy on the UK market and they are great for assisting with gut health. They also have added Vitamin C.

The Iron gummies are the only iron kids gummies available in the UK and are very important as children at toddler and preschool age have the highest prevalence of anaemia at 47.4% - this is something that I suffered with as a young child. They help support blood cells and give a boost of energy. Similarly to the Happy Tummies gummies, they also contain added Vitamin C.

Bioglan also do additional specific gummies for: 

Fussy Eaters 
Containing a blend of hidden veggies with Vitamins A, C, D2, E and iodine to support healthy growth and immunity

Healthy Eyes 
Combining the three most scientifically researched ingredients for eye health - Vitamin A, Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Healthy Bones 
With calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 which activates the osteocalcin proteins that put Calcium into bone. Without K2, Calcium cannot do its job

Vitamin D 
This is one I will definitely pick up myself. At C's initial autism assessment, the doctor had recommended that we all get Vitamin D supplements as living in a relatively dark country, we don't get enough from the sun

Brain Formula 
Containing Omega-3 high in DHA

Each tub of Bioglan SmartKids supplements contain around 30 gummies and retail at around £6.99 per tub. You can find them at Holland & Barrett and all good health stores, as well as the Bioglan website. A massive thank you again to Bioglan for our amazing gift!

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