Thursday 21 November 2013

C at 14 Months

Today, C has hit the 14 month mark and he suddenly has tons of personality and is becoming a little bloke! 

This month, we had lunch out at a cafe. He ate what he wanted then I noticed he was playing with his food and began stacking the chips. I was so impressed and proud of him. He now tries to stack everything so we've bought him a wooden set of stacking fish and wooden blocks for Christmas. 

C had his first McDonalds this month! Now, I absolutely hate McDonalds. The most disgusting food in the world in my opinion but we were out with my mum and 11 year old sister, Eva. Eva wanted to go McDonalds and nothing else would do so we reluctantly went. I made the best of it and only got him chicken nuggets and a fruit bag. He loved it!

He gives kisses. He did this in the past but only if we asked for them. Now, he leans in and opens out his mouth of his own accord. His favourite person to kiss seems to be Chris's mum!

One evening Chris and I were chatting in the living room whilst C cruised the furniture. One of us said something and the both of us were in fits of laughter. C, not wanting to feel left out, decided to do a fake laugh along with us. It was hilarious and so obvious that it was fake. He does it every time he hears someone laugh now. 

C is still obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He loves watching it everyday and it feels like the DVDs are never off. I wanted to introduce something new though so that he didn't get bored. I saw that Netflix had a few seasons of Handy Manny on it so I gave those a whirl. It is a huge hit! 

One morning, Chris was at work and I let C down on the floor like a usually do. I saw him crawl towards the bottom of the stairs for the first time. I didn't say anything, just got up and followed him. He began to climb. He got all the way to the top (with me behind him, of course)! I definitely think it's time to get a stairgate. 

He has developed a love for shape sorters. We got him a shape sorter ball for his birthday but he wasn't too sure of what to do with it. Now though, he's started putting things inside other things. It makes me so happy to watch his development. 

Chris is his favourite person. He absolutely loves his daddy. Chris is the type of person who will make an absolute fool of himself to make C laugh. He always has him in fits of giggles and I really think that C believes that daddy is only there to laugh at!

My favourite thing is that he's now chattering. He's really found his voice and is always talking away to himself. We have taught him how to say "ta-ta" when he gets handed something and when he hands something to us. 

My boy is getting big!

2 comments on "C at 14 Months"
  1. Aww sounds like a real character developing ! Mcdonalds has an undeniable draw for kids, they love it ! We usually just have a coffee when we take the boys there !

  2. Dex does the fake laughing thing! His new fav game is to also drop something, wait for me to pick it up, and then drop it again! Cue laughing!