Sunday 17 November 2013

World Prematurity Day - 17th November 2013

Today is World Prematurity Day! 

When I was pregnant with C, I was only 20. I was so naive and assumed that everything would be great. I'd have a smooth pregnancy and sure, most people go overdue with their first baby, right? Wrong. 

At 33 weeks, I lost my vision. I ignored it and went to bed but the next morning before Chris left for work, he urged me to phone the maternity department at the hospital. I almost didn't because I was feeling better but I knew he'd moan. I am so glad I did. And I am so thankful for Chris making me do it. If I hadn't, C and I might not have been here today. 

At 33 weeks pregnant awaiting my results

The nurse at the maternity department asked me to go in for a check up, and then I found out that it was pre-eclampsia. They had found high amounts of protein in my urine and as it was so severe, I was rushed for an emergency Caesarean section. It saved both of our lives. 

C was born at 33 weeks weighing a fantastic 4lbs 10.5oz. He had slight jaundice and needed help with his breathing so he was taken straight to NICU. I didn't even get to hold him. We were lucky. He went from strength to strength and never took a step backwards. We was discharged from hospital at 17 days old. He is now a happy and healthy 13 month old with no developmental problems. 

C at 2 days old

C at 3 days old

15 million babies worldwide are born too soon with 60,000 of them being in the UK. The charity Bliss are teaming up with other organisations across the globe to help raise awareness. They are asking everyone around the world to Give a Hug. Many parents of premature babies can't hug their babies for days or weeks (I first hugged C when he was 9 days old) so by giving a hug you'll be helping them raise awareness of issues faced by premature babies and their families. 

Getting to hold C for the first time at 9 days old

Take photos of you, your friends, family and little ones giving a hug and share them with Bliss on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or you can email them to

The international colour for World Prematurity Day is purple, so you could light a purple candle or dress in purple to show your support, and share with everyone to help spread the word.

You can donate to Bliss's World Prematurity Day appeal here.

I've done my part, have you?

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