Friday 22 November 2013

I'm a Shoplet Blogger!

The best thing about starting a new school year, for me, was buying stationery. I used to love choosing nice pens and pretty notebooks - I still do now! Imagine how thrilled I was to be chosen as part of Shoplet's UK Blogger network. was originally founded in 1994 and are an American based company. Today, Shoplet in the number one e-retailer of office stationery and supplies, carrying a selection of over 400,000 business products, 20,000 of which are eco-friendly.

In June of this year, they branched out to the UK with which is where I come in. As part of their Product Reviewer Program, I'm here to pass the word on about this fantastic company.

To ease me in, I received a welcome pack. I was so excited to see what was inside.

I received:
  • 43g Pritt Stick - this is great as I love doing arts and crafts with C so will come in very handy. I will be doing a lot of Christmas crafts so I will definitely need it!
  • Nescafe Gold Blend sachet - Coffee is not to my taste so I didn't use this - my mum enjoyed it though!
  • 3pk Remarkable pencils - I LOVE these. It's very noticeable that these pencils are made from recycled materials and they're bright and colourful too!
  • Sample of screen cleaning wipes - I own a laptop, iPad mini and iPhone and I will always be using one of them. I'm naughty and never clean my screens but this worked so well! 
  • 5pk paper clips - These aren't like your regular boring metal paperclips. They are so colourful and make your work look fun!
  • Shoplet catalogue - I had a good browse through this and wanted to buy almost everything in it!
  • Address Labels - I have a eBay account so these labels come in very handy when selling an item. Usually I write out the buyers address on a A4 sheet of paper and cellotape it to my package. These labels cut down the time it takes to get an item ready for sending.
  • Folder - my partner has claimed this. He's currently doing a course in biomedical and biological science so this is great for keeping his notes together.
  • Notebook & pen - again, something that Chris has claimed for his course. Definitely coming in useful!
  • Information leaflets 

As well as what I have received, Shoplet also offer A4 paper, cleaning supplies and even discount office furniture!

I really loved my welcome pack and I'm so excited to bring you more Shoplet news!

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