Wednesday 13 November 2013

The First Bump

Now that C is crawling (really fast, might I add), cruising furniture and occasionally letting go and walking on his own, he does hurt himself sometimes.

He is into everything and I constantly find myself telling him to be careful or saying "ah ah" when he touches something that he shouldn't be touching. 

The first time he bumped his head was when he was first learning to crawl. He cried a little and I felt SO guilty. I gave him a cuddle to make him feel better and all was okay. Over time, he would bump his head on more things and my guilt started to go down each time. This was what happened. Kids do bump their heads. It's a fact. His legs are covered in bruises from all the crawling that I think if I had him out in shorts people would call Social Services! 

Recently, his new favourite activity is standing at the TV stand and lifting his DVDs up on the table then back down on the floor. Yesterday, he dropped the DVD that he was playing with and bent down to pick it up. That's when I heard an almighty thud and C's bum hit the ground. Then the tears started. I'd never seen him cry like that before. My heart broke. I scooped him up and immediately noticed that his forehead was red. I tried to cuddle him but he kept pushing me away and screaming. That guilt came back. I can't believe he'd hurt himself so badly in my care. 

After a few minutes, he calmed down, gave me a hug and went off to play with his toys. The redness went down but he's left with a lovely purple mark on his forehead. 

Kids, eh!?
3 comments on "The First Bump"
  1. Ack bless him! But kids will hurt themselves and those cries get no lower the older they get, but the hugs do get tighter! ;) Miss Belles legs are bruised too from her crawling and bumping onto things, lol. xx

  2. Aww bless him!! Toddler years are so stressful with all the bumps and bruises they get...

  3. Awww poor little man! I cried the first time Cameron got a bruise. Then after a while you just get used to them falling over, bumping into things lol

    x x x