Sunday 25 January 2015

#MySundayPhoto 25/01/2015 - Feeding the ducks

Following on from my #MySundayPhoto post last week where I vowed to get out of the house more, we decided to go for a walk to feed the ducks despite the fact that it was so cold that I couldn't feel my fingers or toes! 

The last time C went to feed the ducks was last summer when I was pregnant with E, but he didn't really understand what they were and he was a lot less vocal. This time, he was so excited and kept saying "hello duckies!" I think we'll have to take him up maybe fortnightly as he seemed to really enjoy it. 


4 comments on "#MySundayPhoto 25/01/2015 - Feeding the ducks"
  1. Ah we haven't been to feed the ducks for years

    Thank you for linking up

  2. It looks like loads of fun, I'm glad you all enjoyed your day out.

  3. Awww those ducks are so cute! I also try to get out of the house though most times I cant feel my feet =P


  4. We love to go and feed the ducks! Great photo x