Tuesday 5 January 2016

E at 16 Months

I'm such a bad mummy and forgot to write E's 15 month update last month and now here we are at 16 months! December was such a hectic month so it completely slipped my mind. Now it feels like E has grown up so much since I last wrote about her. 

Firstly, we had steps! She can take steps when I put her on her feet and let her walk to another person but she will not do it of her own accord and would much rather crawl. She seems far too big not to be walking so I hope she does it herself soon. 

Her speech is coming along wonderfully. I remember C didn't speak at all around this age and we worried about him so much. E has picked up on a lot and waves "hiya" but can also say words like juice, help, dude, dolly and probably loads more that I can't remember right now! 

Clothes-wise she has shot from being a baby to a toddler and wears age 18-24 months. She loves her grub and would eat anything that's put in front of her. I hope it keeps up. She has recently mastered using a spoon so eating rice and mashed potatoes with it keeps her entertained as she thinks she's great.

Her little personality is just wonderful and although she hasn't fully mastered speaking in sentences, she is really funny with all her little facial expressions. 

Her favourite things to do are play with any type of doll or figurine and give them kisses and hugs. Shes recently discovered her big brothers Mr Potato Head toy and likes to put the pieces in the holes. 

C is a child who loves to watch TV shows but E is more of a movie lover. I've discovered that she loves all of the Toy Story films but she is obsessed with Frozen. A proper little princess!

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  1. She is so adorable! I think it is the right of every little girl to love films too. My Tops loved the Monsters Inc film, we watched that morning noon and night lol. Still we all love Frozen here too!