Saturday 23 January 2016

Look in my Letterbox #41

This week has been another good week for post - especially for C! He's had quite a few goodies arrive for him. He also had a red card come in his name yesterday which I'm assuming is a kids magazine win. We'll find out on Monday! As ever, I'm linking up with Look in my Letterbox.

Fire Station Activity Book and Playset
I won this with Parragon Books on Twitter and C was so chuffed with it. He's recently discovered Fireman Sam so he thought it was great!

Lego Minifigures
This was a surprise win that turned up in the post from Dennis & Gnasher Epic magazine addressed to C. They are the monster figures and C is obsessed with all things Halloween so it's a lovely win.

Wychwood t-shirt
I won this on Wychwood's Pintology instant win. I then discovered that it was a glitch and everyone was winning but they were lovely and honoured the prizes. Chris is pleased!

Snoopy keyrings
These were from the Snoopy instant win.

Sheep crayons
I won this in a Facebook competition run by Colourful Crayons by Jess. They are so cute and much better quality than regular ones!

Huggies potty training bundle
I won this in a blog competition and it is perfect timing. C turned 3 in September but he will not entertain the idea of using the potty. He's fine sitting on it with his nappy on but screams and cries when I take it off. Hopefully we'll crack it soon.

I always get these cheapie ones on Amazon for my postal competition entries.

Hair accessories
I bought E a gorgeous handmade Valentine's day dress and I needed a hairband to go with it. This heart one from Roses & Bows will match perfectly. I also spotted the St Patricks Day range so I couldn't not get these wee shamrock clips for her piggies!

Valentine's t-shirt
A little sneak peek as I don't want to spoil it but I went to Miss Boos Boutique (who I get all the kids printed tees from!) to get C a Valentines t-shirt. He'll look adorable!

MaxFactor lipstick
This is a SoPost freebie and my sister has already claimed it!

Did you receive anything nice this week?

3 comments on "Look in my Letterbox #41"
  1. What a great week you have had ! it's extra special winning things for the kids isn't it they get so excited :-)

  2. Wow them Lego mini figures are so good. Well done on your post this week.

  3. Wow very busy week!
    How do you find postal comps? I did them for a while but never won so gave it up