Saturday 2 January 2016

Look in my Letterbox #38

It seems like ages since I've written a LIML post! I took some well needed time away from the blog over Christmas and the New Year and it was wonderful not having to worry about it. Because of this, I now have two weeks worth of LIML's to share! As ever, I'm linking up with Alice-Megan's linky.

Lifesum gift card
I'm so excited about this win. I really need to start exercising more and eating better so this will keep me on the right track. 

Pizza voucher
Hilarious that this comes after my "I need to start eating better!" This was a local Facebook competition and I received a £20 pizza voucher for our local pizza takeaway.

Sleek eye palette
I won this in a blog advent competition and have gifted it to my sister. She loves it!

Cinderella book
This was another blog advent win for E.

This is kind of a win and kind of not. I won a £10 voucher to spend at a handmade store on Instagram. I chose this for Chris (and myself) so I only had to add £9 to it.

This was another blog competition but one I'm really pleased with! Since having kids I just shove my purse, phone, etc. in the changing bag and when I do go out without the kids I have nothing to bring with me!

A bow for myself this time!

I won this in the Kinder Bueno purchase necessary comp.

Tee and stocking
I won this a couple of days before Christmas from The Idle Man on Twitter.

Another blog win!

Giant Ferrero
This was from Ferrero Rocher's instant win that was run on Facebook. I won Anni one too!

Book basket
I won this from Mumsnet on Twitter a couple of days before Christmas and it arrived on Christmas Eve. I was so pleased as I could add them to the kids Christmas Eve box!

I entered the Crabbies instant win and there was a glitch meaning lots of people were getting winning notifications. I only won a chalice but I think they sent this prize to everyone by way of an apology.

As if I'd have a post without bows!

Candy Crush perfume
This was the SoPost freebie. I've put it away "somewhere safe" amidst the chaos of Christmas and cannot for the life of me find it!

Did you receive anything nice this past few weeks?

2 comments on "Look in my Letterbox #38"
  1. Wow you've certainly had some fabby advent wins, I didn't do that many advents this year sadly. Jealous of the ferrero rocher too! Definitely my favourite

    Thanks for linking up with #LIML in this new year!

  2. Ow, awesome lot of post. Well done.

    Hope you have a lucky 2016 & Happy New Year.