Sunday 22 May 2016

Captain Pug, The Dog who Sailed the Seas by Laura James - book review

A couple of weeks ago, we received a lovely new book to have a read of - Captain Pug, The Dog who Sailed the Seas by Laura James which was just published at the start of this month. The book is aimed at children aged 5-7 years old and although C isn't quite four yet, I thought it would be a story that he would enjoy me reading to him.

The first thing I noticed was the appearance of the book. It's a definite upgrade and natural progression from toddler/preschooler books into books for older readers. The pages aren't packed with text, you still have wonderful comic-style illustrations which really draw your attention and help you to picture the scenes more clearly. 

The book follows Lady Miranda, her Pug and also features her maid Wendy and Running Footmen Will and Liam. Lady Miranda has a party at the boating lake. She dresses Pug up in a little captains outfit ready for a day at the water. Pug soon realises that he doesn't think he can be a captain as he remembers that he walks around puddles when they're outside and he hates having baths.

At the boating lake, Lady Miranda and Pug get separated. The Lady Miranda side of the story is her and her footmen trying to find Pug while Pug has a very clever idea of trying to become a famous captain so Lady Miranda can find him easily. He gets to sail of different types of boats, meeting different people along the way, and discovers which ones he likes and dislikes sailing in.

It is a really lovely story which some factually correct information about boating and some funny bits thrown in too. I personally love the running mentions of Pug being a food lover and the fact that Lady Miranda says that she needs to put him on a diet.

There are six chapters, each of them being relatively short. As C is just used to very short preschool books. I read two or three chapters a night to him as I didn't want him to feel too tired to read to the end. He loved looking at the pictures and really seemed interested in the story. Some of the words I know he didn't recognise but I'm glad that he is being introduced to new words in this way. 

I'm excited for the new release - Cowboy Pug - in January 2017. After reading and loving Captain Pug, I will definitely be buying it.
You can purchase your own copy of Captain Pug (published by Bloomsbury Books) from all major bookstores at an RRP of £5.99. 

(We received a copy of the book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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