Tuesday 24 May 2016

Siblings - May 2016

I haven't done a Siblings post since March - I forgot last month! - and I feel like C and E have grown so much in the space of just two months. E can speak much more now. She picks up every word she hears and sometimes I can't believe that she isn't even two yet. She seems a lot more grown because of C. She learns so much from him and he seems to enjoy teaching her. 

I always write about them bickering and this hasn't stopped but it has lessened. Tiredness plays a big factor in this and also when they both want to play with the same toy. Most of the time, you can find the two of them playing together nicely, doing something silly and in fits of giggles at each other. In the morning whoever wakes up first will wake the other. They don't usually come to wake us - their laughter does that! It is the sweetest way to wake up though.

I always said that I wanted a short age gap because the ten years between myself and my sister was too much and I definitely think I made the right decision. When E was really little and couldn't interact much with C, it was hard for him but now that she's more of a toddler and likes the same things as he does (she now loves Spider-Man, trains, cars and dinosaurs!), he loves spending time with her and even tells me that she is his best friend.

They make me so proud every day. C is the best big brother and really looks after his little sister. E has very firmly planted her bum in the centre of our family and rules the roost but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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