Tuesday 10 May 2016

What I've Won - April 2016

April was a really good month for me win wise. I had quite a lot of little wins but I love them all. Here's what I won in April:

1) T-shirt (RRP £7.49) from Teebusters
Teebusters run daily giveaways and I enter when I remember. You don't win the t-shirt on the competition image, they just ask for your size and send a random one and I received this. If you do enter, they don't tag the winners, just upload a photo with the winners' handle so be sure to check back as you only get 24 hours to claim.
2) Littlest Pet Shop - Sweetest Pets DVD (RRP £6.65) from An Organised Mess
I love DVD wins, they keep the kids entertained and Littlest Pet Shop is one show that they always watch on TV. The PR sent a little blind bag containing a My Little Pony figure - another of the kids favourite shows!
3) Sven and Olaf pyjamas (RRP £5.99) from Boliandberg
C is obsessed with all things Frozen and he was delighted when I let him open the parcel and he saw them. They're his new favourites. 

4) 5 string bracelets (RRP £15.00) from Made By Greenberry
How cute - I love them!
5) Itty Bittys (RRP £17.97) from Not a Frumpy Mum
I had been entering tons of blog giveaways for Itty Bittys so I was so chuffed to win the one running on Not a Frumpy Mum. I thought it was only the Batman and Superman ones so Wonder Woman was a nice surprise!
6) Warners Bros DVDs (RRP £12.00) from New Mum Online
This is another giveaway that I saw running quite a lot so again, I'm so happy I won. We had actually spotted the Scooby Doo meets Batman one a few days beforehand and C asked for it so it was the one he wanted to put on straight away!
7) Little Chicken's Egg-cellent Adventure DVD (RRP £5.99)
This was a little surprise win that just turned up in the post. The kids love their DVDs so it was received well. After checking MoneySavingExpert for what I entered, it either came from Primary Times or Let's Go With The Children.
8) Skip Hop straw bottle (RRP £3.96) from Baby Lurve
I love wins like this. The kids go through so many cups, mainly because they chew the straws to death!
9) Yardley trio (RRP £25.47) from Yardley London
I love winning things for me and not the kids. I love a little treat. They smell beautiful!
10) Little Tikes stroller (RRP £79.99) from Chic Geek Diary
This was a win that I really needed and may have let out a little squeal when I got the WEM (winning email). E was still using her massive pushchair and I had only recently said to Chris that we needed to get her a lightweight buggy
11) Biscuit tea towel (RRP £11.50) from Big Chocolate Tea
This was a handy little win. I haven't bought tea towels in about 5 years so mine desperately needed an upgrade. This just makes me want to eat biscuits though!
12) Little Chicken's Egg-cellent Adventure DVD (RRP £5.99)
Yep, another copy! It just turned up in the post too. I have gifted it.
13) Lily's Driftwood Bay DVD (RRP £7.99) from My Mummy's World
I entered to win this DVD on quite a few blogs. It hasn't yet arrived but I hope C and E like it.

14) Happy Birthday bunting (RRP £14.00) from Blueberry Crafts
I love this win! I am a little premature seeing as E isn't two until September. They are so cute!
15) Memory frame (RRP £14.50) from Chic Sew Sweet
I love this! I entered for my mum in law who lost her dad late last year. I was so pleased to have won and gifted it to her. 

16) Jewellery from Touchstone Accessories
Touchstone run giveaways on their social media channels every week. I enter almost every week so yay for finally winning!

17) £5 off Sparkles Designs
This was a runners up prize in a Facebook giveaway. If you're a regular reader you'll know that I love my handmade clothing so I put it towards this beautiful dress.

18) Chocolate marshmallows (RRP £4.00) from Candyland
This was a little Twitter win and they added the other bits in as extras. They didn't last long - yummy!
19) Blingderella shoes (RRP £49.99)
I always enter Blingderella's competitions when they pop up in my Facebook newfeed but with thousands of entries I never thought I stood a chance. I was so shocked when my picture came up as their winner. I absolutely love them and E will look so cute in them. 

20) Bows (RRP £11.50) from Martha's Sparkle
I won these in an Instagram giveaway for the shop reaching 700 followers. They are so gorgeous and I don't have any other bows for E like them (which is surprising considering how many bows she has!)
21) 5 rhyming books (RRP £34.95) from Toppsta
I won this set from the Toppsta website. I always make sure to enter their monthly giveaways as the kids love being read to. 
22) Some Birds book (RRP £6.99)
Another Toppsta win! E loves this one.  

23) Jungle book t-shirt (RRP £12.99) from Noisy Sauce
I won this for C just by tweeting my favourite Jungle Book quote to Noisy Sauce. It's so cute and I think C looks so cool in it! 

So in April I had 23 which totalled £359.91. This is less than last month but more than April 2015 and April 2014!

Did you win anything nice last month?

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