Monday 2 January 2017

Aldi's Fitness and Kitchen SpecialBuys are on sale!

When the New Year rolls around, especially after overindulging at Christmastime, I'm sure I'm not the only one who vows to lose a few pounds and get more in shape. Today, 2nd January, Aldi's new range of fitness SpecialBuys are available to buy instore and online.

With it still being icy cold outside, the Aldi Exercise Bike (£69.99) is perfect a cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your own home. It can clock up speed, time and calories burned as well as monitoring pulse so you can keep track of everything you need.

If you like to see your progess, you'll love the Wireless Activity Tracker (£24.99). This connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to measure your sporting, fitness and everyday life activity 24/7.

The Bluetooth Sports Headset (£9.99) is great for blasting your motivational playlist to get yourself raring to go. You are able to stream music wirelessly from Bluetooth devices and it has a 10 metre operating range so you can listen without wires getting in the way. It's also water and sweat resistant.

The Swing Stepper (£24.99) offers aerobic exercise via a compact home toning stair climber with swing motion. Both beginners and experts can benefit from the Aerobics Stepper (£11.99) which has an adjustable height so you can increase the intensity of your workout.

For those of you wanting to tone your tummy, the Ab Trimmer (£7.99) is perfect for a quick morning workout. With a foam padded headrest, early risers can add this to their morning routine to set them up for the day.

At Aldi, you can find the basics to kit out your home gym including Fitness Mats (£6.99) and Yoga Mats (£4.99) with anti-slip foil to make stretch positions easy to hold. Choose between different Dumbbell weights (£4.99-£8.99), 1kg to 5kg, and Kettlebells (£4.99-£12.99) available from 2kg to 12kg to create the perfect resistance workout.

As if that wasn't enough, you can even find your activewear at Aldi. Choose from a selection of colours in their Women's Yoga/Fitness tops (£4.99) and Ladies Yoga Leggings/Pants (£8.99) . They even have Men's and Ladies Fitness Trainers (£14.99) with memory foam in navy, grey and pink.

On Thursday 5th January, Aldi's new range of kitchen SpecialBuys will be available to purchase instore and online. In the new year I always like to have a clear out and overhaul so for anyone buying new homeware items, this will be perfect! It also goes hand in hand with their fitness range as there are some fab bits to help you cook healthier meals.

With Aldi's Pressure Cooker (£39.99) you can create healthy family meals in no time and the high heat, intense pressure and shorter cooking time reduce vitamin and mineral loss. With two different settings, it's tough, practical and easy to clean.

An Electric Spiralizer (£29.99) is a great way to add more vegetables into their meals in fun manner. With three different steel blade cone cutters, chefs can have a choice of thickness to make the perfect courgetti or boodles, helping to make every meal a little more interesting.

The 2 in 1 Airfryer (£29.99) creates delicious meals without the need for deep fat frying. The 17 litre capacity allows plenty of room for preparing food, with a timer of up for 60 minutes. It has triple cooking power and a temperature control for up to 250 degrees.

Soup is a great way of using up veg and creating a hearty meal at the same time. The Aldi Soup Maker (£39.99) has a 1.7 litre capacity for batch cooking. Not only does it blend soups to the perfect consistency with six different blending options, it also has a lid with an inbuilt measuring cup and filling hole to prevent spillages.

Handmade smoothies couldn't be simpler with the Nutrient Blender (£29.99). With a quick push-start function and 700W power, smoothie and green juice lovers can blend their favourite drinks in seconds. It can accommodate all types of fruit and veg and it includes two different stainless steel blade attachments, large and small cups and travel lids for smoothies on the go.

Those keen to be creative with healthy cooking will love the Food Steamer (£17.99) which can steam various foods from vegetables to rice. It features and 60 minute timer with a signal sound when finished. I love steaming vegetables but I am rubbish at cooking rice so this has been a life changer for me! For the perfect omelette, Aldi's Omelette Maker (£12.99) has a non-stick, easy clean plate and also has the ability to poach eggs.

If you just wanting to kit your kitchen out for 2017, you can pick up some new pans (£4.99-£12.99) to a Bullet Kettle (£19.99) to a 4 Slice Toaster (£19.99).

Aldi's New Year Fitness SpecialBuys are available in stores and online from 2nd January and the New Year Kitchen range is availble from 5th January. Both can be pre-ordered from Aldi online but be quick, once it's gone, it's gone!

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  1. I bought the activity tracker to replace a broken digital watch. I'm really liking it.