Thursday 12 January 2017

What I've Won - December 2016

I'm so late in writing this - sorry! - and it's been one that I have been very excited about sharing. I wrote in my What I've Won - November 2016 about how I was looking forward to taking part in the Advent competitions throughout December and was hoping that I had lots of lovely wins. I comped my bum off and it really paid off. Here's what I managed to win!

1) Thomas & Friends personalised book (RRP £14.99) from Mojomums
My first win to kick off December. Mojomums had a Gleam giveaway to win a personalised book from Egmont and you could choose from four different characters. Of course, I chose Thomas the Tank Engine for C! I've only just ordered it so I can't wait to give it to him.
2) Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine (RRP £120.00) from Tommee Tippee
My first advent win! I couldn't believe that I'd won it when I got the notification. This is going to a friend of mine who is expecting her second baby. We had one when E was little and absolutely swore by it.
3) Christmas countdown calendar (RRP £6.99) from I Just Love It
This was another advent win - hooray! No photo - sorry! - but it was like a little mini advent calendar, only with 7 chocolates for the week running up to Christmas.
4) £15 Amazon gift card and Santa hat (RRP £17.49) from Smiffys
This was my first advent win on Instagram and a handy one at that! It arrived pretty quickly so I was able to buy a few last minute Christmas gifts with it. The kids stole the Santa hat right away!
5) Brainbox Bounce Mr Men game (RRP £5.99) from Tidy Books
This was another advent win but I have no photo as I put it away over Christmas and have seemed to have forgotten where - ha! It's for age 5+ so I'll dig it back out when C is a bit bigger.
6) Doctor set (RRP £14.99) from Halilit
Yep, another Instagram advent win! I actually wrapped this up as an extra Christmas present for the kids and it's been played with every day since.
7) Personalised calendar (RRP £14.99) from
A handy win for the new year! C loves Star Wars so how could I not choose that theme?
8) Nurishment selection pack & box of Thorntons (RRP £14.80) from Nurishment
 This was a Facebook advent win that I won simply by naming my favourite Christmas movie. I thought I had only won the cans of Nurishment (thinking they'd be great for my boyfriend Chris) but they kindly included the chocolates for me too. How nice!
9) Sylvanian Families Secret Island Playhouse (RRP £39.99) from Santander
Santander had a pretty awesome 12 Days of Christmas toy competition over Facebook and Twitter and I never, ever expected to win. I had actually planned to buy the children another Sylvanian Families set for Christmas as they've quickly fallen in love with them.
10) Historic newspaper print (RRP £9.99) from Historic Papers
This may seem like the strangest win ever but I think it's so cool! I chose my boyfriend's date of birth and apparently this was the front page of the Daily Mirror that day.
11) £70 One4All gift card from BFree
I was so excited to win this before Christmas but I did have to chase it up after a month. A couple of days later, I received this box containing some products too! 
12) £50 Curvissa voucher from Fragrance Direct
The Fragrance Direct advent competitions had thousands of entries so I was shocked by this one. The scrimper in me wanted to get as many clothes as I could for that money but I desperately needed a new coat so I used the full value of the voucher on one. If you scroll down to my Lottie doll Utopia win, you'll see me wearing it!
13) Busy B stocking fillers (RRP £14.47) from Busy B
I love Busy B! When my best friend got engaged I bought her a Busy B wedding planner then she bought us (the bridesmaids) bridesmaid planners from Busy B too! I love these and think they are so cute! Very useful too.
14) Family ticket to Marvel Universe Live (RRP £120.00) from SSE Airtricity
This was a win that totally blew me away. C is massively into his Marvel superheroes so when I saw a local company running a 12 Days of Christmas competition with this being the first day's prize, I was desperate to win. I included a photo of C dressed as Captain America, Spider-Man and Iron Man which I think may have won it for me! We go this Saturday and I cannot wait to see his face.
15) Orchard Toys Crazy Chefs game (RRP £7.99) from Orchard Toys
We love Orchard Toys games and C always tells me about how he plays them at preschool so he will love this.
16) Babygrow (RRP £20.00) from Downs Side Up
I love the little quote on this! It almost makes me want another baby haha, but this will go to a friend of mine.
17) Three dress (RRP £14.99) from Little Secrets
I really won this one a few months ago but only found the winning notification by searching on Facebook. Luckily, she was lovely and still sent it out. Just gotta save it for E's third birthday in September!
18) Mystery game from Gameseek
Gameseek run mystery game giveaways on their website all the time with additional entries on Facebook and Twitter. I only entered via leaving a comment on the website and won a PC game! I do think a lot of people just do the social media option so it's definitely worth entering on the site.
19) Sylvanian Families Boutique (RRP £39.99) from Sylvanian Families
Another Sylvanian Families win, I can't believe it! This one came from the Sylvanian Families advent competition on their Instagram page.
20) Electronic drum kit (RRP £49.99) from Lidl NI
I won this in a local Instagram giveaway (simple question and answer). C will absolutely love it. He's very musical and got a guitar for Christmas. He'll be a one man band soon!
21) Emily fruit crisps & Teapigs tea (RRP £25.86) from Emily Crisps
This was yet another Instagram advent win. I can't wait for them to arrive. They look so good!
22) Lottie doll bundle (RRP £61.48) from Utopia
 This was a Rafflecopter giveaway hosted on the blog of a local business. It was really low entry and I was thrilled to win. I picked it up just before Christmas and gave them to E. She loves them! Look how happy I look haha!
23) £100 Grindstore voucher from Grindstore
This prize is bloody amazing and right up my street! I entered almost every day of Grindstore's advent then on the last day, they said that four people who had previously entered any of their advent comps would each win a £100 voucher and I was one of them! I've since spent my voucher and am currently awaiting delivery of my bundle of new clothes. I'm so excited!

So, the big moment has arrived. In December 2016 I won 23 prizes worth a total of...£834.99! I always like to do a comparison to the same month in previous years. In December 2015 it was 30 prizes worth £558.52 and 23  prizes worth £739.66 in December 2014. As you can see this has definitely been my best December since I started comping. I will definitely be aiming to beat it next year.

I always check back to see just how well I've done throughout the entire year too so 2016 saw me win 310 prizes worth a total of £6,715.60!

Are you a serial competition enterer too? How did you do last year/month? I'd love to hear about your best wins!

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  1. Wow what a year, well done on all those lovely prizes. xx

  2. Lots of goodies for you well done x