Thursday 11 May 2017

Kids Summer Clothing Wishlist

Since I became a mother almost five years ago, I've developed an obsession with buying the kids clothes. I wear the same outfits day in, day out and very rarely buy myself anything new but I'll happily spend any spare money I have on cute items for the children that I just happen to see. This means that I am forever window shopping and searching online.

LoveTheSales is a website that aggregates sales from around 600 retailers and displays them all in one handy place. They have tons of top fashion brands listed, as well as toys, electronics and beauty brands. The website is perfect for me as I begrudge paying full price for anything and I will always shop a sale or look for a discount code. I think I spent a good few hours looking through the kids section alone! Just for fun, I've put together a little wishlist of my favourite kids clothing items that would be perfect for this summer!

LoveTheSales Converse

My first port of call are always shoes! I'm really into the skater look, especially for my four year old son, C, so he (and I!) basically live in Converse so I was delighted to see some offers. I think these two pairs would be perfect for the kids to run around and play in all summer.

LoveTheSales Joules 
Joules is one of my favourite stores for clothing with cute prints. The quality is fantastic so whenever I do see their items on sale, I have to snap them up. The monkey tee is super cool and I love the plain grey t-shirt as it would be perfect in hot weather. When it comes to my two year old daughter, E, I'm a sucker for pinks and florals so these jumped out to me right away.

LoveTheSales Ralph Lauren

One brand that I'd actually never browsed for clothing before was Ralph Lauren. I just happened to see the brand on the site and thought I'd take a look. I was expecting the prices to still be quite high, even on sale, but I was pleasantly surprised. I do love the famous Polo logo so the cap will be super stylish and I love how bright the joggers are! Moving on to the girl's section and, oh my goodness, how adorable is the peplum polo?! I had no idea that something like this existed and don't get me started on how sweet the checked dress is! I fear for my bank balance!


LoveTheSales Gap

Gap Kids is a store that I always go into when I'm looking for something specific like shoes or clothes for occasions such as Easter or Christmas so I never really spend enough time properly looking at what they stock. I know, I've chosen a jacket for summer but to be honest, living in Northern Ireland means that it still probably will be chilly in the middle of July! I am also obsessed with putting E in watermelon printed clothing and I think she's had about four different pieces in her short life!

They also have a Disney section but I honestly think I'd be here all week collating my favourite pieces as we are all massive Disney fans - especially E who has an obsession with Elsa. Pop over and take a peek - you won't be disappointed!

(Post via LoveTheSales)

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