Friday 12 May 2017

Turning Tears into Smiles with Elastoplast

I have always been a huge advocate of getting kids outside and playing rather than being stuck inside on tablets and games consoles. I spent 99% of my childhood playing outdoors and I knew I'd get my own children to like the outdoors too. 

  My youngest child, two year old E, has no fear whatsoever. She will run around everywhere and climb anything that she comes across with no thought of any consequences. I follow her like a little puppy as I'm so afraid that she will hurt herself. I know that I need to let her do her own thing more and stop wrapping her in cotton wool. My four old son C is the polar opposite. He worries about the littlest of things so he gets very afraid to do things sometimes and always needs reassurance. We are currently in the process of having him assessed for autism so I'm not quite sure if that goes hand in hand. Despite this, he still loves being outside and exploring the world around him.

As all parents know, little ones are not always as steady on their feet as we are, so bumps and grazes are inevitable. Both of my children like to think they are independent but when they fall over and hurt themselves, a mummy or daddy cuddle is always needed. Kisses and hugs work better than anything as well as reassurance that they are superheroes and falling over happens to everyone. It's all part of learning and growing up! 

Mums and dads are there to soothe their pains and let them know that they will be okay. When this happens to C, he does take it really badly and almost becomes obsessed with his injuries. When he was two years old, he fell and cut his chin on his toy wooden market stand and was left with an impressive scar. Almost three years on, he still talks about "how sore it is" to this day! I do find it hard to calm him and relax him but the promise of ice cream always works a treat - as well as promising a plaster! For some reason, plasters are magic and instantly make the pain better. It's even better when they are character ones! C is obsessed with Star Wars and I'm pretty sure E thinks that she actually is Elsa so these new character plasters from Elastoplast instantly stop tears and make the kids happy.

Elastoplast are my favourite brand of plaster because the quality is fantastic and much better than the cheaper replicas. They've been sold in six countries across the world since 1924 so I'm clearly not the only one who would sing their praises! I feel that they are a brand that you can rely on - I often find myself reaching for one of their plasters when I've cut myself whilst cooking - not just for kids!

This post is an entry for the Britmums #TearsIntoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast

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