Monday 31 July 2017

Preparing C for Starting 'Big School'

I cannot believe that my little premature baby is turning five and will be starting primary school soon. Last summer, before he started preschool, all I really did was buy him some new wellies, a coat and a backpack so he could bring home any drawings that he did or crafts that he made. Now that he's going into Primary 1, I feel like I have so much more to do to prepare him.

If you are a regular reader, you'll know that we are currently awaiting an autism assessment for C. His preschool keyworker made him his own little transition book with photographs of his teacher and classroom assistant as well as work sheets to complete and photos of the classroom, lunch hall and toilets. He's also great with maths so I've picked up some workbooks and he's even taught himself to read so I'm planning on getting him some First Readers to have a go at throughout August. He does struggle with zips and buttons so I'm hoping we will get our occupational therapy appointment before school starts but until then, I'm trying my best to teach him how to do them himself.

C is pretty obsessed with anything character-related so his little Cars 3 backpack from Sambro is perfect for him. We saw the movie a few weeks ago and he instantly became obsessed. The bag is the perfect size for his age (32cm x 26cm x 10cm) and I love that the front is a wipe clean plastic. His preschool backpack would cause rain to leak through, making his books and pictures a bit damp, so this will be much better for the year ahead. He was very excited to see the large image of his favourite character - Lightning McQueen - and red is his favourite colour. It's definitely got him excited to start school and show it to all his friends. It's quite spacious too so carrying his pencil case, books and work will be a doddle.

In preschool, obviously he didn't need any stationery items as it was more of a free play setting. I know the formal setting of primary school will be a massive change for him but he's very logical and I know that when he sees his placecard on his table, he will realise that it's own little chair and table just for him. The Sambro Cars 3 stationery items are perfect for his first journey into this formal setting. The filled pencil case (remember those? I know I had one in primary school!) includes everything that he might need from a notepad to pencils and an eraser and sharpener. The super stationery set has even more of these items and lots of pencils - I know he'll need a ton to get him through the year but the four pack of gel pens are the most exciting for him because they are glittery! All of the Cars 3 items can be purchased from Very.

I've already ordered and received his embroidered school jumpers, polo shirts and PE t-shirt so all I have left to tick off my To Buy list are his school trousers, shoes, PE plimsolls and joggers, lunch bag and bottle and maybe a new coat. I don't think I'm doing too badly!Are you prepared for back to school yet?

(We received the Sambro items for inclusion in this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)
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