Friday 28 July 2017

Toddler Proofing the House with Fred

I have to admit that when it came to baby or toddler proofing the house, I did the minimum and just hid things away that could fall on the children, tucked away leads and put a stairgate on the bottom of the stairs. I tend to spend 99% of my time in the same room as my children so I always thought they'd be safe. 

My eldest, C who is almost 5 years old, was never a child who would go off and touch things he wasn't supposed to or attempt to climb the stairs (I don't think we actually got a stairgate until he was about a 18 months old!). Two year old E is another story. I swear she touches and climbs everything just to wind me up so I definitely felt that some safety measures had to be put into place with her around.

Fred is a brand that has completely revolutionised home safety products. Did you know that 75% of accidents in children under 5 happen in the home? That's a high statistic and it made me realise that a few things in my home that I'd never thought of before could cause an accident. I chose three products from the Fred range to help make my home a bit safer for the children: Adhesive Double Door Block, Plug Socket Covers and the Door Slam Stopper.

The Adhesive Double Door Block (£5.99) was something that I chose because whenever I'm in the kitchen cooking or doing the dishes, E will always open the cupboard under the sink where we keep cleaning products. I'm forever telling her not to but she's a toddler, of course she won't listen! 

When I first opened it out it seemed like because there were a lot of pieces, it may be difficult to actually install but I couldn't be more wrong. I simply wiped down the inside of the cupboard, removed the adhesive strip and stuck it inside at the top so that when I closed the door, the red plastic stuck out. From there, I simply attached the block and that's it! The only way that the block can be removed is by pressing the two sides and pulling it off - a dual action that children cannot master. It uses SecureHold and ExtremeHold adhesives so there is no risk of it coming off accidentally. 

The block sits right against the doors so there is no room for little fingers to get trapped. It comes with an EZ-Dock too so you can always place the block in it and find it when not in use.

I've used plug socket covers in the past (cheap ones from the pound shop) and they have been almost impossible to remove and I was always breaking nails when trying to pull them. Fred's ones (£4.99 for 6) are amazing! They have a little removal tool that you flip up which makes them easy to remove from the socket. They take a tiny bit of effort so that little ones can't remove them too. They lock with a click and the design means that there is no way that children can grab at them and pull them out.

The Door Slam Stopper (£5.99) is probably the one that I needed most. My children are forever playing in the hallway for some strange reason so would be constantly opening and closing the door to the living room. Both kids are also obsessed with making sure doors are closed so I always find myself saying "Watch your fingers!"

These are so handy and I can't believe I never had them before. The actually stopper is made of rubber and stretches to fit on your door. I keep them high up so that the children can't reach them and remove them but even if I did place them lower down, I don't think they'd be strong enough to pull them off the door. Again, they come with a little EZ-Dock holder with an adhesive back so I've stuck that beside the door to hold the stopper when it's not in use. 

All Fred products are bite and choke safe as they are made from non-toxic food grade material - we all know how little ones put everything in their mouths - so there is no worry of them biting off a chunk of anything. 

I can't believe how quick and easy it was to make my house 100% safer and at a really reasonable price too. I feel like I'm a little bit less on edge and can leave the kids to do as they please (well, kind of!) and know they are completely safe.

You can find out more about the range at the Fred website

(We received these products for the purpose of this post.) 
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