Tuesday 4 August 2020

2020 Reading Challenge | Innocent by Erin Kinsley

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Innocent by Erin Kinsley - 3/5 ★★★
Blurb: The pretty market town of Sterndale is a close-knit community where everyone thinks they know everyone else. But at a lavish summer wedding a local celebrity is discovered slumped in the gardens, the victim of a violent assault that leads to a murder investigation.

As the police search for answers, suspicion and paranoia build - and the lives of the locals are turned upside down. Secrets that lurk beneath the pristine fa├žade of Sterndale come to light as detectives close in on the truth...

Review: Popular TV presenter Tristan Savage, or Tristan Hart as per his stage name, is attending a wedding at a hotel with his beautiful wife Izzy and their three year old daughter Flora. During the celebrations, he is discovered unresponsive next to the pool after being hit over the head. He remains in a coma with the police trying to find out who would do such a thing and why.

Being in the public eye, everyone has their suspicions about what has happened and there are a lot of whispers around the town. Tristan has been married before and after digging into his past, the police have a few leads. At the same time though, his current wife Izzy and ex-police officer friend Aidan are both keeping a couple different secrets from the investigation.

Although there are a lot of red herrings and lots of possible suspects, I had guessed pretty early on who the attacker was but obviously wanted to read on to find out why. The story has a lot of depth and characters are well developed but it just missed the mark for me. 

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