Friday 7 August 2020

My Friends And Me by Stephanie Stansbie and Katy Halford | Children's Book Review

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It's so important to teach your children about the world at a young age. From different religions, different cultures to race and types of families.

My Friends And Me by Stephanie Stansbie and Katy Halford is a wonderful tool to introduce different types of families to young readers 

Jamie has lots of friends - lots of friends with different kinds of families. Kate's got two dads. Olivia's got two mums. And Jade's got her own butler!

But no matter who they are or where they live, there's one thing that all the grown ups have in common...

This warm and funny book celebrates the very special bonds in very special families.

This book is packed with beautiful images of lots of different families. There's Kate who has two dads, Olivia who has two mums that are in an interracial relationship and Lily who is very lucky because she has two of everything. Obviously because her mother and father have split up and live separately, so she splits her time between the two houses but it's spun in a positive way.

We even have a single mum and children who live in different types of homes like caravans and boats. 

My favourite part of the book has to be the pages about Ned's mum. "People used to think Ned's mum was a man. But it turns out she's a woman." The wording of that is really important. It isn't that she "used to be a man", she has always been a woman. It honestly made me happy to read.

It is such a positive and upbeat book with beautiful illustrations. C and E especially liked the annotated drawings and had me read every single one out! I would definitely recommend that everyone gets a copy for their child's bookshelf. 

Thank you Little Tiger for our review copy.

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