Sunday 23 August 2020

Cutetitos Fruititos - Review

(AD/Gifted - We received these items for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

If you haven't heard of Cutetitos Fruititos yet, they are fun little plush toys wrapped in a blanket burrito. That was the extent of my knowledge of them based on what my daughter E had told me. She would see them advertised on TV all the time so she was very excited to get her own to open!

Each Cutetito is wrapped in outer packaging then when you've opened that, you can see the blanket colour but not what animal is inside as it is wrapped in fruity printed paper, adding to the surprise element. They are essentially blind bags but the packaging is much more fun. The scents are super strong and sweet - we love a scented toy!

There are four collections: Fruity and Berry Fruity (which are both Common), Extra Fruity (which is Rare) and Super Fruity (which is Super Rare). Each collection has three different animals in it, meaning that there are twelve to collect.

Once you have opened up the Cutetitos fully, the animals have a little fruit spot which helps you determine which collection they are from. 

E basically raced through opening the three that she received. Once you take the paper off, you can see their cute little faces and then unwrap the blanket. This is fastened by Velcro so it is easy to wrap back up again. The blankets are block colour on the outside but have a fruit theme on the inside. You also get a card inside to tell you all about your new animal with information like its name and birthday.

E received Puffito who is a chinchilla from the Fruity collection, Rainbowito who is a unicorn from the Berry Collection and Goldito who is a fruit bat from the Super Fruity collection - yes - a super rare! E was beside herself with excitement about that one. Look at that smile!

Since opening, E has slept with them in her bed ever since because they have the softest fur. She absolutely loves snuggling up to them and I think the scent is actually soothing. 

Cutetitos Fruititos are available to buy from Smyths Toys for £7.99 and are perfect for children aged around 5-7 years. We will definitely be buying some more and trying to complete our collection!

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