Saturday 21 December 2013

C at 15 months

C is now 15 months old! I can't believe how quickly the months are flying by and soon enough it will be his 2nd birthday! 

This month he his first nose bleed! I woke up one morning and C was still asleep. I noticed some stains on his pillow but I didn't quite click on to what they were. I woke him up and realised that there was dry, crusted blood in and around his right nostril. Poor boy! It didn't harm him at all but it did frighten me a bit!

You can kind of see a little bit of blood. Not the best picture - sorry!

He had a horrible cold his month and that's when the tantrums began properly. He would drop down onto his knees, throw his head back and scream. The tantrums would happen over literally anything but thankfully, he's feeling better now so less tantrums! 

He's learned how to climb up onto the sofa. It's so funny watching him cock one leg up and push himself forward. Becoming too toddler-like for me!

The biggest things he's learned is to walk properly. He went to Clark's to get his first shoes and now there is no stopping him. He much prefers walking to crawling - thank God!

When we give him hugs, he pats our backs and he's constantly giving kisses and saying "mwah!"  He even puts his hand to his mouth and pulls it away to blow kissss too. 

He had his first ever hair cut! Chris's sister is a hairdresser so who better to do it? We just went to Chris's mums and she cut it while he stood and played. Not a peep out of him! He did scratch at his ears though. 

Probably Chris's proudest moment - C is a black metal fan. Chris was playing music through YouTube and C began dancing and head banging! 

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