Tuesday 17 December 2013

Pregnancy Symptoms*

I started blogging when C was four months old and I do feel sad that I never documented my pregnancy with how C was growing, symptoms, etc so when he was born, I soon forgot it all. Now that Chris's sister is pregnant and talking about how she feels, it's all come flooding back. 

Morning sickness was such a pain for me. For the first 6-7 weeks it was just constant and I couldn't keep anything down. It then started to ease but came back with a vengeance every time I brushed my teeth!

I had C at 32 weeks and only started getting heartburn at around 25 weeks so I didn't have it for very long. I tried everything to ease it but nothing worked except milk. The bad thing was that it only kept it away for about 15 minutes!

One thing that irritated me more after pregnancy than during was my hair! During pregnancy, the hair on my head got a lot thicker but as soon as C was born it started to come out in clumps everytime I brushed it. Chris was constantly going on at me for forgetting to clear the drain after washing my hair! 

Leg hair was bad too. Naturally, my legs don't get too hairy if I leave them (they're light & fine too which makes them harder to see) but as soon as I was expecting C, I started to resemble a gorilla! (Okay, that may be an exaggeration!). I couldn't wait to shave them! Luckily, we're back to normal now!

My bump was a bit hairy too. I was so embarrssed going for scans but I hear that it's normal (it is, right? Please tell me there's someone out there who has had this too!) but one thing that I am thankful for is that I didn't develop any facial hair. If I had, I would have been straight down for some laser facial hair removal. I know, it sounds scary and I don't cope with pain very well but I've managed five tattoos and a Caeserean section so I think I'd be okay. The laser hair removal reviews don't contain any scary stories anyway! The laser hair removal prices are so reasonable too and it would definitely be worth it to be smooth again! You can head over to sk:n's blog page too to read more and maybe interact by leaving a few comments!

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