Thursday 19 December 2013

C Visited Santa!

On Tuesday, Chris had the day off work so we decided to take C to see Santa. I was a little worried in case he cried. Last year was fine as he was only 3 months old but he's more aware now. 

C and Santa - Christmas 2012

We took him to Victoria Square and because they were just coming back from a break, the queue wasn't too long, thankfully!

In we went and Chris handed C over, he looked straight at the camera but looked a bit like a deer in the headlights! At one point C turned around to look at Santa as if to say "you're not mummy or daddy. Why am I on your knee?" and the photographer captured that moment. 

I think it is a gorgeous photo and it's always good when Santa has a real beard! He even got a little wooden jigsaw as a present too. Definitely worth the £12!

Has your little one been to see Santa? How did they get on?

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