Sunday 13 April 2014

A Family Day in the Sunshine

Chris had the weekend off which is a first so with the weather being relatively good for being in Belfast, we decided that we'd take C out to blow off some steam. 

Since he's learned to walk he loves being outside. He loves running around in the grass and collecting sticks. He holds them like they're magic wands and always drops the one he has if he finds a bigger and better one. He's a proper little boy and I love that he's into exploring. As a child, my mum hated when I got mucky and even now, I don't like getting my hands dirty. I don't want C to be the same way. I want him to have the freedom to explore. His clothes can always be washed and he can be bathed. 

I finally bought him baby reins last week and I thought he'd be a little funny with them but he's been great! We have had a few meltdowns where he's decided that he wants to walk in the opposite direction to where we're going and he throws the biggest wobbly and we have lots of people staring at us. I imagined that I'd be really embarrassed by this but I'm not. He's a child. Sometimes if kids don't get their own way, they strop. Big deal. I ignore his tantrums. The way I see it is, his tantrums won't let him get his own way. In fact, he won't get any attention at all. I hope he realises this and they stop altogether! 

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