Monday 21 April 2014

C at 19 Months

Ahhh my baby boy is getting bigger and I don't like it :( can't he stay a baby forever? He seems to have changed quite a lot this month. 

He loves fruit. He's always liked fruit but he absolutely adores it now. He had some grapes after his dinner a few weeks ago and had a complete meltdown when he finished them all. Tears were streaming down his face. I felt like such a bad mummy for not having a massive stockpile of then for him! 

I bought him a cheapie colouring book and pack of crayons. I really didn't expect him to be able to push down hard enough with the crayons but he did. He loves to draw and I was shocked as he doesn't even try to eat them! 

Another purchase this month was a harness and baby reins. I want to get him waking more outdoors and it will especially help when baby is here as we don't really want a double buggy. The first day we got the reins, we took a walk to meet daddy after work. It usually takes 20 minutes to walk there but I made sure we left 45 minutes before Chris got out and it was just enough time. He does tend to try and turn around to walk the opposite direction. 

He loves to dance. It doesn't matter what the song is, he's just gotta dance to it. He's got a few new moves now too! Rather than just swaying side to side, he goes round in circles, swings his arms and shakes his bum. Adorable! 

His tantrums are getting worse so we've introduced a naughty step (the bottom stair). He does not take kindly to being placed on it and always gets up right away. We've just been putting him back on it until a minute is up. He now hates when I tell him no and goes into meltdown mode. 

He's being more cute and affectionate. When we stayed at my parents house a few weeks ago, he came across one of my sisters old Baby Born dolls. I saw him kiss its forehead and try to tickle its belly. It was really cute and I hope it's an insight to how he'll be as a big brother. 

His new favourite thing to do is throw things behind his back. It doesn't matter what it is, he'll pick it up and throw it over his shoulder. Do any other kids do this? I think it's really strange! He'll do it for about an hour straight! 

He's more aware of his poos.  He used to poo and I'd end up having to do the sniff test to check if he'd gone but now he hides in the corner to do a poo. I think he's getting a bit embarrassed by it! 

I think we've got a little cleaner on our hands. He took a baby wipe out of the packet and proceeded to clean the floor and window with it. He also tried to brush the floor with my hairbrush. I hope it stays this way and he loves to clean and tidy, haha! 

The finger up the nose has started too. I have no idea where he's learned it from. It's not only his nose that his finger has to go up, it's his daddy's nose too! Proper little boy! 

We've finally got tooth number 8! I can't believe how tough this one has been. I'm really not looking forward to the rest. 

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