Thursday 24 April 2014

My Second Pregnancy: 20 Week Anomaly Scan

Today we had our 20 week anomaly scan. I was more nervous than excited as I was petrified that something would be wrong. I remember feeling the same way with C's scan. We dropped C off at Chris's mums. Today has been a beautiful sunny day so he enjoyed running around in the garden. 

The sonographer was a lot nicer than the one at C's 20 week scan - she didn't give us any pictures last time! I felt really relieved as she explained what she was seeing and how it looked. Everything was fine. No sign of cleft lip or club foot, placenta working properly, all vessels in the heart looking great and the rest of her organs were fine. A perfectly healthy baby and yes, she's definitely a girl! 

The one thing that she did mention though, was that the umbilical cord only has two vessels. Usually there would be three but they would only worry if there was one. Two vessels mean that there is one to take stuff in and one to take stuff out. It doesn't seem to be affecting her growth and development. They will check it again at my 29 week scan just in case it was the angle the sonographer was at. 

Her measurements are spot on for my due date of September 8th and her heart rate was 160bpm. 

Here's our little girl :D - 

And her tiny little foot which is measuring at 3cm! 

3 comments on "My Second Pregnancy: 20 Week Anomaly Scan"
  1. Fabulous that is great news. really pleased. sending you much love! (I think I only had two vessels too actually but it was only mentioned after and nothing came of it) Healthy baby girl too xxx

  2. glad to here bubba is ok

  3. Hi Rebecca these pictures of your scan are awesome. Hope you are exited and getting ready to welcome your little angel. Congrats and Good Luck