Monday 22 September 2014

C's 2nd Birthday

I can't believe C's birthday is over for another year! We didn't plan a big party as his 1st birthday was a big celebration in a hall with a bouncy castle etc plus with the new baby, we didn't want to stress ourselves out. 

I had all of C's presents wrapped well before E was born just in case I was overdue so we just had an easy job of leaving them out on Saturday night and Chris building a few up so they were sitting out.

Like last year, he wasn't too sure why he was getting all these new toys as he doesn't understand what a birthday is but he really enjoyed opening them all up and seeing what was inside. His Mr Tumble doll was a huge hit. He adores Justin Fletcher. We got him a toy keyboard and stool as he loves music and lots of play food. The play food was bought on a whim but I'm so glad we got it as he seems to really like it all! He also got lots of other little toys like a Peppa Pig laptop, Handy Manny toys (from my dad), a Wooly teddy, a wooden cleaning set, shape sorter, toy cars...and loads more! His nanny and pops bought him a Cosy Coupe and he absolutely loves it! He also got money so we will take him to Smyths and let him choose something to buy. 

All of our family came round to see him, we had nibbles of sandwiches, sausage rolls and sausages and we got him a Caterpillar cake which he wolfed down in about 5 seconds (not the entire cake!). 

I did feel a bit guilty about not doing a big party but he did seem to enjoy himself and loved getting spoiled. We'll do a big party next year! 

2 comments on "C's 2nd Birthday"
  1. Aww! It looks like he had a fantastic birthday!!
    Don't feel bad for not having a big party....There's plenty more birthdays to have for parties :) x