Friday 12 September 2014

E at 1 Week

I can't believe that E is one week old already. I'm all too aware of how quickly the newborn stage flies by which is why I'm making the most of it so there may be a bit of radio silence on the blog while I embrace having her. 

She is such a great little baby. Her birth weight was 7lbs 2oz. At 3 days she was down to 6lbs 5oz, back up to 6lbs 13oz at 5 days and now at 1 week old she is at her birth weight exactly. 

She is really content. She literally only sleeps in her carrycot and wakes for feeds. I was breastfeeding but I only lasted three days. It may sound really selfish of me but I couldn't handle it. The pain was excruciating even though she was correctly latching and it got to the point where I would dread feeding her and I didn't want those feelings getting worse. It didn't help that she would cluster feed and C felt a bit put out because mummy wasn't the one puttin him to bed at night and he wouldn't settle for daddy. I feel that I did what was right for the four of us as a unit. So now we're on Cow & Gate 1 (as that's what we used with C) and she takes 3oz every 4 hours. 

Her cord has come off already! Yesterday, at 6 days old. I did have a little panic as C was still in hospital when his fell off so I wasn't sure if it was okay but apparently it all looks fine. 

She is wearing either Tiny Baby or First Size clothing, dependant on the shop that they were purchased from. I usually go by the weight recommendation in the label. 

I forgot about the newborn projectile vomit. I've already been covered in it twice! 
3 comments on "E at 1 Week"
  1. She's such a cutie! :) I miss the newborn days, it's lovely to hear how much you're enjoying them. xx

  2. Congratulations! She is beautiful x