Friday 19 September 2014

E at 2 Weeks

Two weeks have passed and this gorgeous little lady is settling in nicely. 

She is taking around 4oz of formula every 4 hours now but sometimes we've found she'd want 5oz or that she'd want fed again after 3 hours. We're just going with her own routine. 

She is really good at getting her wind up which is 100% the opposite to what C was like. He had really bad colic so he was on Carobel. All we need to do with E is literally sit her bolt upright for about two minutes and she'll burp herself. 

We had our first bout of constipation this week too. I expected it with her being formula fed. She was writhing in pain and I felt so sorry for her. We tried her with cooled, boiled water and did the bicycle legs but nothing was working. Chris remembered a trick we did with C - rubbing her little bum with water on a cotton ball. After a few minutes, the poo just flowed. She must have felt so good after it. Poor wee mite!

She keeps lifting her head up when I have her on my chest which freaks me out. She's way too wee for that! She also gets a tight grip on my hair and necklace. 

She seems to be awake a bit more this week so we've been trying her out in her bouncer chair and she seems to be enjoying it!

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