Monday 1 September 2014

My Second Pregnancy: 39 Week Bump Update

I was really hoping that I wouldn't be writing my 39 week update and instead I'd have a squishy newborn in my arms but, no. Not yet!

This past week has been really tough as my blood pressure does not want to co-operate. I had a blood pressure check on Tuesday which came back as borderline, an iron infusion on Wednesday as my haemoglobin levels were so low, my routine antenatal appointment on Thursday turned into an overnight hospital stay (including a rather uncomfortable cervix check) and since I've been discharged, the midwife has been coming to my house every day and my blood pressure seems to be going down (90, 86, 84). Let's hope it stays that way. 

I definitely think the baby has dropped lower. I mentioned that my cervix was high but 1cm in a post last week and yesterday and today I've had, sorry for TMI, blood streaked mucus so I'm assuming that this is my bloody show? It could however just be from the cervix check, I guess. I have had some period-y cramps since. Apparently labour usually kicks in within a few days of having your show so fingers crossed I won't have to write a 40 week update next week :P 

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