Saturday 6 August 2016

Look in my Letterbox #66

This week has been a pretty busy week for me. I have been entering tons of competitions and winning quite a few plus both the kids birthdays are in September so I've been buying presents for them. Here's what I received in the post this week.

Hulk hands, Peppa magnetic drawer, Slinky
Note to self: look at sizes and measurements before you buy things! I bought these as birthday presents thinking that Slinky was the full size one. Nope! It's tiny. A trip to the Disney Store to buy the proper one is on the horizon I think! The magnetic board is quite small as E had a big Frozen one which she stood on and the plastic snapped. I wanted to replace it with a smaller one so it would be easier to tidy away and we could travel with it. C is obsessed with Marvel and DC and keeps telling us that he is smashing everything like Hulk. I definitely think these hands will be his favourite birthday present.

George RR Martin 'A Clash of Kings' book 
I bought Chris the first book in the Game of Thrones series last Christmas. We binge watched the entire show so he didn't get reading it until a while into the New Year. He was getting close to finishing it so I thought I'd be a nice girlfriend and get him the next one. I'm sure he won't take long getting through it either!

WonderWoman, Spider-Man and Captain America costumes

Following on from C's love of superheroes, I had to get him costumes for his two faves! I couldn't resist and gave him the Spider-Man one early as he just wouldn't stop asking me for one. I can't wait to see his wee face when he gets the Captain America one too. E loves to dress up with her brother so I just had to get her this super cute WonderWoman one. She'll look so adorable.

 Ice Age bundle
This was a win from Maximum Pop on Twitter. C hasn't seen the newest Collision Course movie yet but he does know the Ice Age characters already. I usually find that merchandise bundles tend to contain quite a lot of tat but this one is pretty decent.

Handmade unicorn skirt
 I won this in a loop giveaway on Instagram from @h_b.2015. I actually bought a Christmas skirt for E from the same store last year and loved it so I knew I'd feel the same about this skirt. I went for 2-3 but it's quite long. I like that though as it means she'll get tons of wear out of it.

Power bank

TP-Link were giving one of these away on Twitter (I think they may have been on Facebook too?) and I won! I am always on my phone and the battery drains so quickly so this is such a handy little win.

Print and unicorn
I won these from an Instagram store quite a while ago. The felt unicorn is handmade and will look so cute in E's room. I'm so disappointed with the print. Not the actual print itself, but the fact that it had "DO NOT BEND" on it and the postman shoved it through the letterbox. Hoping I can iron it out and somehow salvage it before I stick it in a frame.

Cooking, Blokes & Artichokes book
I won this from Books, etc on Twitter. Chris is the cook in our house (he nevers trusts me to make anything!) so I entered thinking that it would be nice for him. There are some really tasty sounding recipes inside so I can't wait to get trying.

Disney Infinity figure
Mega mag on Twitter had daily giveaways all last week (all ending at 4pm) and on Thursday I won this! They did tell me that they'd be running more so give them a follow and keep an eye out.

Handmade dinosaur and My Little Pony skirts
I won £20 to spend at handmade clothing site @carlys_handmade_crafts on Instagram. I saw these two skirts and had to get them both for E. I just had to pay £4 extra. She loves dinosaurs thanks to her brother so of course she had to wear that one first!

Spot book, DVD, bag and hand puppet
There is a new Spot app coming out soon which I will also be reviewing and we received this bundle of goodies to review soon. I feel like a child again - my dad always used to read Spot books to me. I'll be hosting a giveaway for a copy of the DVD too so look out for that.

Num Noms
I am thrilled to be working with Num Noms on a review. The kids have fallen in love with them and C loves putting his lip balm on. Again, I'll be hosting a giveaway with this review.

Did you receive anything nice this week?
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