Wednesday 31 August 2016

Making Packed Lunches Fun

C starts preschool next week and although he won't actually be needing a packed lunch at school, I will be bringing one with me when I pick him up. He will be going five days a week from 9.00-12.15. I don't drive so I need to get the train. The next train home after I collect him is at 12.50 so it falls right over lunch time. Bringing a packed lunch means that he can sit and eat it whilst waiting on the train coming.

C was a fantastic eater when he was a baby and would eat anything that you put in front of him but he's being increasingly picky as he's gotten older. Lunch is probably the one meal that I really struggle with as there isn't a lot that he likes or will even try so I need to make lunches fun for him.

I always give either a wrap or a sandwich. I need to be careful when it comes to wraps though because if it opens and the fillings fall out, all Hell will break loose! With sandwiches, I will always use a shape cutter. These cute LunchPunch jigsaw shapes are C's favourite at the moment and gets really excited when he sees his "puzzle sandwiches".

Fruit is a staple in C's lunch. Berry fruits are especially loved so strawberries or raspberries would be his first choice, followed by maybe a banana or apple. I always include an easy to eat yogurt. As we are on the go, it tends to be a Frube or another type that doesn't require a spoon. 

Sometimes, the sandwich may be replaced with Dairylea Dunkers; either the jumbo tubes or Ritz crackers. Not the healthiest, I know, but he likes them as a treat! 

I pack his little lunch in this gorgeous Joules lunch bag. It's so spacious with more than enough room to pack all of his items in. He loves the shark motif and says it's "so scary." It even comes with a hard lunchbox inside.

Finally, I love these little Lunchbox Love notes which have a positive message of joke on them. C is a bit young at the moment as he can't read himself but they are a really nice addition. I'll definitely be using them in the future with him.How do you make packed lunches fun?

(I received the items mentioned above free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are my own and have not been influenced.) 

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