Friday 12 August 2016

What I've Won - July 2016

We are well and truly into August and I still haven't shared with you what I've won in July. I had quite a good month with some lovely wins from local comps as I decided to focus a bit more on those and it seemed to pay off. Here's what I won in July in full:

1) The Wolf Is Not Invited (RRP £7.99) from Toppsta
Good old Toppsta! I haven't been doing so well with them this month though. This is a nice story, even if the ending is a bit odd!

2) Personalised print and felt unicorn (RRP £10.00) from cloud9prints
I'm so sad that this got crumpled in the post. I won these on Instagram in a simple like and comment giveaway. I think the unicorn will be lovely in display in E's room.

3) Rockin' Baby pouch (RRP £49.00) from Midwife and Life
I entered this blog giveaway for a friend of mine who is pregnant so I have sent it to her. I've used a Rockin Baby ring sling before, not the pouch, and loved it so I'm sure she will love this too.

4) Skull necklace (RRP £1.50) from Raspberry Kiss
This came from a simple follow and retweet Twitter giveaway. I love skulls so it's perfect for me.

5) Anchor Dairy Sam plush from Anchor Dairy
This was a total surprise. I had a quick search and apparently it's from Anchor Rewards but I have no recollection of entering for it. E loves him.
6) Playcolor paints (RRP £36.96) from Playcolour
This was a really low entry Facebook comment giveaway. We have owned some of the solid paint before and that's all I was expecting to receive so I was really delighted to get the extras too. The kids love the face paints.
7) Aquabeads (RRP £24.99) from Aquabeads
Aquabeads are always hosting giveaways on Facebook and Twitter and I had been trying to win for ages. I finally managed to win on Twitter and I've put it away for C's birthday next month. He keeps seeing them advertised on TV and asking me to buy him some so he'll be chuffed.
8) Signed kids books (RRP £24.97) from drawingonbooks
I love kids books so much and my dad always comments on how many we have when he comes to my house so this was a great win for me. I love that they are signed!
9) Baby milestone cards (RRP £16.99) from Birds and Lillies
 This was a blog win that I have posted over to my pregnant friend that I mentioned before.

10) The Lion Guard mini figures and talking soft toy (RRP £32.98) from UKMumsTV
A Twitter party win! I don't do very well at Twitter parties at all and I very nearly didn't take part in this one. I couldn't believe it when I was announced as a winner. They haven't arrived yet but I'm hoping they'll come before the kids birthdays next month so I can pop them in with their gifts.
11) Handmade unicorn skirt (RRP £10.00) from h_b.2015
I won this in a loop giveaway on Instagram. If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know how much I love my handmade clothing. This is so cute!
12) Art book (RRP £10.76) from Mumzilla
I love this! C is so artistic and loves doing crafts. It's a bit old for him at the moment so I've put it away until he's a bit older.
13) Miles of Smiles book (RRP £11.30) from Belle du Brighton
Another book win - hooray! This is such a lovely story and I really recommend it.
14) The Secret Life of Pets book (RRP £3.85) from Centum Books
I entered this Facebook giveaway a couple of days after we had seen the movie in the cinema. I was so happy to have won and C loved telling me all the characters on the cover when it arrived.

15) Atticus & Gilda nightie (RRP £43.00) from Little Flea 
Wow. This is probably the most expensive nightwear that E has ever owned. I love that they included the little slippers and bamboo toothbrush.

16) Rapeseed oil (RRP £3.50) from BITETOSAVOUR
I won this on Twitter from a local company. I very rarely use rapeseed oil but I have recently read a lot about the benefits so I had wanted to try it out.
17) £25 Mothercare voucher from Tots100
Another Twitter party win! I say I don't do well in them and end up winning two in the space of a month. This was during Tots 100 #SoundOfHappy party. I'll probably put it towards a dress for E's birthday.
18) Ice Age Collision Course merchandise bundle (RRP £30.00) from Maximum Pop
Love this bundle! Usually merchandise wins can be a bit hit and miss but I love everything that we received.

19) Monin syrup (RRP £5.49) from Monin
I love the Monin caramel syrup so I was keeping everything crossed for this. It is so nice! It was a simple follow and retweet giveaway on Twitter.
20) Bows (RRP £10.00) from It's A Bow Thing This was a Facebook giveaway where you had to tag a friend and each of you would win two bows. The friend that I tagged very kindly offered her set to me too because she knows about my bow obsession - how nice! Can't wait for them to get here.
21) Lip colour (RRP £6.95) from Benecos
Benecos are always hosting giveaways on Facebook and I finally won! This is such a lovely shade.
22) Beard oil (RRP £14.50) from Mr Hyde
Mr Hyde hosted a giveaway for 300 Napiers beard oils so I was thrilled to be one of the winners. Chris takes care of his beard and goes through so much oil.
23) Spiralizer (RRP £24.00) from Jane Plan UK
This was on my comping wishlist for 2016. I won a spiralizing cookbook a few months ago so I needed a spiralizer too - hooray!

24) Bing app (RRP £2.99) from Bing
I won a code to download the new Bing Baking app simply by sharing a photo of C baking with me on Bing's Facebook page. The kids both love Bing so they think the app is great.
25) The Lost Smile book (RRP £4.99) from The Mini Millionaire
 Yep, another kids book! You can never have too many in my opinion. This hasn't arrived yet but I can't wait to read it to the kids when it does.
26) 10,000 Coins and 100 Gems for Cooking Fever from Cooking Fever
 I've recently started playing Cooking Fever on my phone and I've become obsessed. Every Wednesday, the Facebook page do a live feed at noon where the give away prizes and all you have to do is join in the chat. I asked a few legitimate questions that I had about the game. I got those answered and won some coins and gems to spend on the app!
27) £20 spend at Carly's Homemade Crafts 

 This was a simple regram competition on Instagram. I knew I had to get E the dinosaurs and My Little Pony skirts as she loves both. I just had to put £4 towards it!
28) Power bank (RRP £8.99) from TP-Link
I use my phone so much and the battery really drains fast so this is perfect!
29) Digital breast pump (RRP £89.99) from Nuby
 Nuby ran a giveaway on Facebook and urged their followers to vote for them in a competition that they were in. I voted for them and won a breast pump! That will be sent to my pregnant friend when it arrives too. I'm so happy that I've won it for her.
30) LeapTV game (RRP £24.99) from LeapFrog
 I won this game from the LeapFrog Facebook page. They are always hosting them so keep an eye out. We don't actually own a LeapTV yet but I'm planning on getting C one for Christmas so I'll save it for then.
31) Family pass to see the Thomas the Tank Engine movie at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum (RRP £25.00) from Pop-Up Cinema Club
 I had been trying to search for more local giveaways and it really paid off this month. I am so excited to go to this on Sunday. C will love watching the movie and all of the old trains and cars!
32) Family pass to see Finding Dory and a family pass to Exploris Aquarium (RRP £47.00) from Odyssey Cinemas
 Another local win! We did half of this win last week and went to see Finding Dory in the cinema. All four of us loved it so much that we want to go back again. Our local aquarium has been closed for almost two years but recently got refurbished and is reopening this Monday. We're hopefully going to go in 2 weeks time. The kids will love it! Chris and I will too, I'm sure.
33) Cooking, Blokes & Artichokes book (RRP £17.00) from Books etc

 Chris is the main cook in our house and definitely likes to experiment in the kitchen. Books etc always have giveaways running on both Twitter and Facebook.
34) Heavenly Organics bundle (RRP £16.40) from NI4Kids
 Another local win! The kids got stuck in as soon as these arrived and they absolutely love them.
35) 2 Elvis Costello tickets (RRP £60.00)
 This wasn't really my win but I'll include it anyway! A local comper entered this giveaway for another local comper. She managed to win her own tickets so these were going spare and she very kindly offered them to me. I took my dad and we had such a great night!

In July 2016 I won 35 prizes worth a total of £721.08. I love comparisons so in July 2015 it was 24 prizes worth £182.20 and in July 2014 it was 9 prizes worth £242.71 so it's definitely going in the right direction!

Did you win anything nice in July?
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