Thursday 18 August 2016

Look in my Letterbox #67

Wow, this week was a busy one! On more than one day this week, I had what felt like every courier company knock on my door. I honestly think Chris is going to flip over the amount of packaging and cardboard that is in my house right now. Anywho, here's what I received in the post this week.

Pregnancy milestone cards
You may have seen that I've been entering (and winning!) lots of baby bits recently. My lovely friend Jenna has just announced her pregnancy so they've been for her. She is the friend I've been sending stuff too and these have also been sent to her!
Suicide Squad hat & cards
I have been desperate to win some Suicide Squad merchandise! I spotted LA Muscle promoting their Facebook competition on their Instagram account so I popped straight over to enter. It ended up being really low entry and they had five sets to give away. It pays to take the time to search instagram for comps! 

Harley Quinn Funko Pop
This was another Facebook giveaway that I found being promoted on Instagram, this time from UK Film Review. It was also low entry!

Beard oil
Napiers teamed up with Mr Hyde to give away 300 of their beard oils. Chris uses so much beard oil so I was chuffed to win one. They can be expensive!

Um Bongo goodies

 Um Bongo were giving away some "goodies" on Facebook. I wasn't sure what that entailed until they arrived but it's a nice wee win! I haven't actually had Um Bongo since I was a kid!
Lego Star Wars watch
John Lewis had a bit of a sale on some Lego bits. I didn't really see anything I liked for C but I spotted this watch and knew he'd love it! He loves both Star Wars and Lego.
Remote control Noo Noo
The kids have recently become obsessed with the Teletubbies so I thought I'd browse Argos for some character toys for their birthdays or Christmas. I saw this and knew both of them would have so much fun with it.

Iron Man figure
 I picked this up from Argos for C's birthday. He's superhero crazy at the moment and he loves his Spider-Man action figure so this will go down well.
Paw Patrol Weebles
 C (and E actually) have been watching Paw Patrol on Netflix a lot recently so we are chuffed to be getting the chance to review the Paw Patrol Weebles!
Noo Noo
Yep, I buy a remote control Noo Noo then we get a big Noo Noo to review! This one is very different to the one I've purchased so keep an eye out for my post!
 As a thank you for all the baby items that I won for Jenna, she sent me a code that she had won for a custom Trunki. I sat with C and let him choose the colour of each bit and he was so excited to see his design come to life.

 The above items were also from Jenna! She had won most of them and added in a few little extras - how lovely! I'm so so happy with the Bat Girl. I saw them in Smyths recently and I want them all!

Did you receive anything nice this week?
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  1. Wow what a great week you have had ! so nice of you to win baby things for your friend I love sharing my prizes with friends and family too.